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    Wanted 29 rigid fork

    A - C around 470mm, QR, extra bottle mounts would also be good but not essential. Cheers
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    Wanted On one inbred frame. Sorted

    As above really. No concern about condition as long as no dents or cracks. Rigid forks to match would also be welcome. Cheers
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    Wanted Steel hybrid frame

    Hi all. Looking for something that seems to be quite difficult to find. Steel frame. 700c Rim brake 1 1/8 20" ish Something like the Surly Crosscheck but without the price tag if possible. Cheers
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    Wanted Cheapish touring frame.

    Evening all. Looking for a cheapish touring/hybrid frame. Steel 58cm ish 1 1/8 steerer Vee brake compatible. Full bike or F & F also considered. Cheers
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    Wanted DMR Wingbar (with brace)

    All sorted thank you.
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    Wanted DMR Wingbar (with brace)

    Excellent. PM on route.
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    Wanted DMR Wingbar (with brace)

    Any colour just as long as they're not cut down. Also, other braced handles considered. Cheers.
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    The other "HOW MUCH IS MY xyz WORTH" thread for 98

    I have a Dialled, Price Albert MK1 (With the braced top tube). 19" Know there is not a lot of the around but don't know if it's collectable yet. Any thoughts? Cheers
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    Wanted Touring Wheelset - sorted

    All sorted. Cheers
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    Wanted Touring Wheelset - sorted

    Hi. Looking for a strong, rim brake wheelset. Mavic A719 on Shimano hubs ideally but anything considered. Cheers
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    26 Hope Wheelset

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    Disc mount adapter - idiots guide.

    Can anyone help me determining what disc mount adapter I need? I'm trying to fit a XT caliper to a Dialled PA frame with a 160 rotor. But none of the adapters I have seem to be fitting it correctly. Is there measurements I can take to work out what I mount I need? I've never quite mastered...
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    26 Hope Wheelset

    Interested. PM me with a price please. Cheers
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    26 Hope Wheelset

    Disc, sorry knew I'd forget something
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    26 Hope Wheelset

    Looking for a fancy wheelset to go on my Dialled PA. Standard quick release axle. Strong XC rim, Mavic 317 or similar. If the hubs were red that would be even better but not to bothered. Cheers in advance.
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    650b/27.5 QR wheelset.

    Re: All sorted. Thanks
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    Schwalbe Racing Ralph Addix Speed. Brand new

    26 x 2.25 Ordered on a whim and cann't be returned. Never been mounted, just taken out of the box once. £40 but if anyone can find it cheaper in a shop I'll obviously match it. Cheers
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    650b/27.5 QR wheelset.

    Around a £150 ish budget. Cheers
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    29er rigid fork

    470 ish a/c Straight steerer Disc mounts. Cheers
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    Surly Ogre forks for sale...

    Yes I think so. Looking for the suspension correction flavour. 470ish A/C