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    Non-retro ti forks?

    More like 650B or even 29ers in 26ers IIRC.
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    Non-retro ti forks?

    The benefits of ti forks are that they offer something like a half way house between suspension and rigid. It's actually a really nice ride - I have some Wittson ones. IIRC, it's quite difficult to make a good one and there have definitely been failures with specific designs/use cases. Again...
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    Specialized Stumpjumper Damaged

    Should polish out no worries.
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    KHS Montana Crest eBay £50

    Another fiver off if you use this code: TENFORU
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    For Sale Team Marin

    I have a rather tatty example of the original saddle on mine. Not terrible, but not the best I've ridden either.
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    Dawes Ranger rehabilitated

    It was a very good bike to me back in the day. Confidence inspiring long wheel base and a long reach for my lanky frame. Great at climbing thanks to ability to slam the seat right back on the layback seat post. I was gutted when the bike shop told me that bottom bracket shell had cracked and it...
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    Marin Team Issue?

    Could be @pw_pw_la . I did about 10 miles on it the other day and my hands were tingling all night afterwards so I don't think the current handlebar/stem set up agrees with me. It does feel rather wrist heavy. It is a 1 1/8 inch headset or a 1 inch headset on these things does anyone know...
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    Could it be a Mountain Bike?

    Pretty much this. My first mountain bike - an Emelle Silver Challenge - was very similar to this. Fun, but sometimes terrifying times - particularly in the wet in the hills of North Wales. I remember gripping the brake levers as hard as I could down one hill and still accelerating...
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    For Sale Kona Muni-Mula 18" frame + Duke forks & a few bits.

    That's right @jimbo-xc eBay will display the ongoing courier/customs fee on the listing according to the purchaser's location. They will probably be hefty @Bizango74 but at least you will know what they all are upfront. I have had success in sending things as far as Australia using it.
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    Really really stupid question 🙃

    IME, of steel & titanium rather than aluminium - cracks can turn from OK to catastrophic pretty quickly. Like within a couple of rides. Weld repairs can be as good, if not better than previously though.
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    For Sale Kona Muni-Mula 18" frame + Duke forks & a few bits.

    One option might be listing it on eBay and selling via their global shipping programme. Less hassle to sender (they only have to ship it to a UK depot), and both guaranteed to get money back etc if they lose it.
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    Gutted. Lost to the EVRI network. Orange Aluminium "O" prototype MIA

    Gutted for you - and hopefully it'll turn up one way or another. I sold a CD-ROM last year - pretty much unique - and out of the hundreds of parcels I've sent, it was the only one to go missing via with Royal Mail (fully tracked, just disappeared into their system somehow). Customer and I...
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    Wow, think I’m sat on a goldmine.

    Looking at the sold listings, they are steadily but not speedily selling their stuff. I've found with my non-bike stuff that being willing to ship overseas makes a big difference to how much people are willing to pay. This is especially true of countries with good exchange rates with ours or...
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    Is this naughty thought socially acceptable?

    Were I not teetotal - I'd simply take a couple of cans/bottles or pick them up from the nearest supermarket on the way and enjoy them in a nice spot.
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    Help returning Full Susser Noob

    Around 2015(ish), geometry began to change to prioritise trail riding over XC. Longer, lower and slacker has become the order of the day. Some modern stuff rides well enough up hill too. Personally, for what you are wanting to do I'd be tempted to either get a more trail orientated hard tail...
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    Marin Team Issue?

    Definitely not rifled. I think my next job is to get rid of the rust spots and maybe give the frame a protective wax or rub down with oily cloth. Then ride as is for a while (it rides really well) and figure out what needs tweaking as I go. Maybe some riser bars/shorter stem depending how my...
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    Marin Team Issue?

    That could make sense from a cable routing perspective. I never imagined a simple query would create so much intrigue. I think I shall regard mine as a team marin issue - or TMI 🤣
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    Marin Team Issue?

    That's a good spot. It does however look like the cable guides on mine are on the same side as this 92 Team issue:
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    Marin Team Issue?

    The team issue in the post above yours seems to have rack mounts.... 🤣
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    Marin Team Issue?

    That's a good shout as the crankset is Deore I think. However, the bottom bracket bolts look awfully like XTR M900 ones. I haven't investigated the bottom bracket yet.