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  1. Retrobike93

    Wanted Merlin Ti H/bar uncut

    Need a decent Merlin Ti h/bar uncut. any out there? cheers
  2. Retrobike93

    Wanted Black 26.8 uncut seat post

    Hi guys, I’m after a Black 26.8 uncut seat post if any bodies got one and willing to sell… XT/XTR Would be good … Thanks
  3. Retrobike93

    Wanted Chris king Black 1” threadless headset.

    Looking for a Threadless headset in black ideally Chris King. Thanks 👍🏽
  4. Retrobike93

    Sorted Ritchey/Nitto bullmoose bar

    Hunting for Ritchey bull moose bar. 1inch Cheers guys.
  5. Retrobike93

    Wanted Ritchey Logic/ turbo Saddle in White

    Hi guys, Looking for a Ritchey Logic Saddle or turbo Saddle in White …. Thanks
  6. Retrobike93

    Sorted shimano xt quick release seat post clamp

    Hi guys, In need of a Shimano xt quick release seat post clamp… any out there … 👍🏽 Thanks
  7. Retrobike93

    Sorted Shimano Deore XT BR-M732 Silver Cantis brakes

    After a pair of Shimano Deore XT BR-M732 Silver canti Brakes .
  8. Retrobike93

    Sorted Riser Bar H/bar Ritchey/Answer what’s out there

    Searching for a Hi Riser bar uncut in black. 25.4 uncut. cheers
  9. Retrobike93

    Sorted XTR/XT 26.8 black seatpost

    Hi guys, Looking for a Black XT/XTR seat post - 26.8. Uncut if possible. Cheers. 👍🏽
  10. Retrobike93

    Wanted Ritchey Ultra frame/complete bike 1988-94

    Looking for a Ritchey Ultra frame/complete bike. 18/19inch 1988-94 if possible . Cheers .
  11. Retrobike93

    Wanted 1”inch 156mm+ Steerer switchblade/syncros fork

    Looking for a Decent 1” fork guys please. Tange switchblade/Syncros Cheers…
  12. Retrobike93

    Sorted Ritchey Logic seat

    After a Ritchey Logic seat in decent nic 👍🏽 cheers
  13. Retrobike93

    Sorted XTR/XT/Syncros 27.2 seat post

    27.2 seat post decent condition XTR XT or Syncros. 350mm min in length. Thanks 👍🏽
  14. Retrobike93

    Sorted Shimano DX XT 730 crankset 175mm with decals

    Decent Xt or DX crankset 175mm cheers
  15. Retrobike93

    Wanted Marin Pine Mountain 93 & 94 & Nail Trail 1993 18.5

    After a Marin Pine Mountain 1993 18.5 in good condition . Cheers
  16. Retrobike93

    Wanted Marin Eldridge Grade 1993 or Pine Mountain 1993 frameset or complete bike. 18inch

    Interested in a Marin Eldridge Grade or Pine Mountain frame or complete bike from 1993. 18.5/19inch. ideally frame in good genuine condition. cheers 👍🏽
  17. Retrobike93

    Wanted Marin Rockstar fork 93/94

    In need of a Marin 1993 Indian Fire Trail fork , to fit a 18.5 frame 1.1/8. Ideally purple Anything out there? Cheers
  18. Retrobike93

    Wanted Marin Pine Mountain 1993 or Eldridge Grade 1993 19inch

    On the look out for a Marin Pine Mountain 93 or Eldridge Grade 93 frame or complete bike. must be 19inch and frame being half decent. thanks
  19. Retrobike93

    Wanted XT 735 rear mech long cage

    In need of a XT 735 rear mech long cage. decent condition please. 👍🏽 cheers
  20. Retrobike93

    Sorted 7 Speed Screw On Freewheel 12-28 Tooth to fit Hope hub

    After… 7 Speed Screw On Freewheel 12-28 Tooth to fit a Hope 1993 hub. Thanks