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  1. markoc

    Orange C16R - how much is my bike worth?

    Looks low spec but in good nick. Great frame and forks. Maybe £150 to £175, but someone will be along soon to add their view.
  2. markoc

    Sometimes it’s worth risking a gamble........

    I think I saw those on an ebay bike reasonably recently... perhaps a P7. Suspect it got parted and the person was just looking for a profit. Lovely find :)
  3. markoc

    Orange P7

    Frame number will be stamped under the bottom bracket. Post it up here and it'll get deciphered in minutes. Rear facing seatpost binder says it is pre 97 I think. So 95/96 is on the money but not much of the kit is original other than the frame - so harder to date. Could have been a self...
  4. markoc

    Orange P7

    I reckon @brocklanders023 is on the money with £250 as a full bike. Don't see many oranges with Marzocchis either. There are some decent parts on there - the maguras, USE post (though faded), wheels (crossmax?) and some newer XT kit that looks quite fresh. Would possibly sell more in parts...
  5. markoc

    For Sale Easton Ultralite Maxlite frame and Exotic forks

    You're right. Steerer is probs a bit long, but I've been looking a while for something and nothing's turned up. How much for postage?
  6. markoc

    The Late, Great Bontrager Race Lite

    Checking into this thread. Always a fan of steel and Bontrager has been on the list for a good while - though it may be the dream that never materialises for me as I'm at the point where N+1 really doesn't work. Have learned a lot from your posts, and no doubt will learn more as the thread...
  7. markoc

    BoTM Bike of The Month July 2022 - time to vote

    It's the Offroad logo so a bit of a weird one...
  8. markoc

    BoTM Bike of The Month July 2022 - time to vote

    What's the history behind the "Offroad" logo featuring on the Sator Hyster downtube?
  9. markoc

    For Sale Easton Ultralite Maxlite frame and Exotic forks

    Thanks will check steerer length tonight, hadn't thought of that! They'll be replacing some original gold Judy XC's - measured about 420mm A-C fully extended. I'm not sure that's too much to worry about - its a turbo bike so a slightly jacked up front end won't be a biggie - what do you think?
  10. markoc

    For Sale Easton Ultralite Maxlite frame and Exotic forks

    Are the forks standard 1 1/8? I need a set to plug into the front of my static Clockwork turbo trainer. Might be a bit long. Can I have dibs until I’ve had a measure up?
  11. markoc

    ** Going Topless at Fifty Five **

    Love a ragtop. Had a couple of Boxsters in my 30’s (986s and 987s) plus an Elise (111s) which strictly speaking was a targa. Rocking a pano roof now as a compromise but there’s nothing better than having the lid off in all weathers and just enjoying the experience!
  12. markoc

    Not cook brothers cranks

    Crook Bummers would be highly childish.
  13. markoc

    Wanted 1 1/8 rigid fork - ideally straightish leg - P2, F7 etc

    A very good point, and in spite of having had a few pairs they've always in my mind been straight legged (compared for example to a spinner). Will update the thread title
  14. markoc

    sex education – a winter adventure [16/10 pics]

    Final Update. Didn't get attached. Parted it out and made a few quid. Shame as I did actually like it quite a lot.
  15. markoc

    Kona Sex One 1995 19"

    I had one that was a speculative ebay purchase. Always liked these in an AMP way. The one I got was too small for me to keep and fettle so I moved it on in parts for a few quid more than I spent.
  16. markoc

    My 1994 (I Think) Fuquay - Original Owner!

    Those forks are lovely!! Cheeky dibs for a chat if you ever choose to move them on.
  17. markoc

    Wanted 1 1/8 rigid fork - ideally straightish leg - P2, F7 etc

    BUM-P Someone has to have a P2, or an F7 knocking around - or an UGLI or something straight that I haven't thought about? 1/18 ahead. Go on, make me happy :)
  18. markoc

    For Sale Brochures - Klein, Trek, Offroad and Tioga

    Does the Offroad one have the Mt.10+2 featured?
  19. markoc

    Riding with music

    I'll likely polarise with my view - I'd rather be able to hear what is around me, and I'd rather any cyclists around me were doing the same. This being either the sounds of the countryside etc if offroad, or the noise of things that could squash or injure me if on road. I can understand if...