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  1. satkin55

    Chain stay protectors

    After some opinions here. I've just had my Falcon Black Diamond frame resprayed and am building it back up now. I want to preserve the paint job as long as possible. The bike didn't have a chain stay protector fitted - what do people think about fitting one? I was thinking a clear one like...
  2. satkin55

    Where to mount my pump?

    So I’ve got a dilemma. The pump on my Falcon was originally mounted under the top tube using Matex plastic pump pegs. The diameter of the top tube is 25mm, but I’ve only been able to source 28mm replacement Matex pump pegs. They will fit the seat tube. I have managed to pick up some black metal...
  3. satkin55

    1970s quilted saddle

    Anyone got any idea where I can source a replacement saddle like this? I think it’s beyond repair. It is from a late 70s Falcon Black Diamond, vinyl with foam padding. The quilted area has a ‘soft’ feel, almost brushed effect. Or suggestions for a suitable replacement would be...
  4. satkin55

    Falcon Black Diamond

    Here is my Falcon Black Diamond. I’ve had this from new when I was a teen in the late 1970s. It has been used from time to time over the years since I left school, but has been languishing in my bike shed for the last 10. Feels like time to do it up. It was red, not pink (that’s faded paint :D...