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  1. Incworks-1969

    RD Coyote Team 5, any info available

    Research Dynamics Coyote Team Five. 1993 would be a good call on the year given the groupset. Manufactured by Dodsun in Taiwan I believe (even though the sticker says made in Japan) for Research Dynamics, a small private bicycle marque. Sold through a chain of outdoor stores in the Idaho/Utah...
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    Any experience with Selle Bassano vuelta and Excalibur?

    I remember the Vuelta from 1993/4. Sold a few when I worked at Halfords at that time. Owned one for a while similar to the one pictured. That was a solid steel rail with textured vinyl cover and foam padding, heavy and long (so probably the base model). Not the most comfortable of saddles as I...
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    Alloy seat post removal using caustic soda

    The wonder of sodium hydroxide (NaOH)...Beats the the hell out of a coke and mentos volcano... :lol:
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    Ex engineer leaks how marketing works in the bike industry

    Epic :) Re-inventing the wheel...
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    Kona Cinder Cone frame with etras

    Re: Kona Cinder Cone, SID, P2 sale Thanks. Not suitable for my requirements I'm afraid.
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    Kona Cinder Cone frame with etras

    Re: Kona Cinder Cone, SID, P2 sale Questions: Project 2 fork (2nd) short steerer (16cm) normal 26" full of scratches. 1" or 1 1/8" ? Lenght of threaded section? Thanks.
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    1993 Miyata Koga Trail Runner Carbolite.

    Found in Spain (Alicante) by a freind of mine...mostly original spec. Noted the Deore LX rear mech (RD-M560 or RD-M563) is a replacement for what was a XT RD.
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    Orange Aluminium Elite bottom bracket: Suntour MD / Shimano?

    BB length is a product of which chainset you are going to use to keep the optimal chain line with a 68mm BB shell and 135mm OLND rear hub spacing. Examples: Shimano Deore LX, FC-M560 (1994) Low profile crank set required a 68 x 113mm. Shimano STX-RC FC-MC36 (1996) crank set required a 68 x...
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    XT Freehub Bodies, Service ? ... r-freehub/ ... ub-service Freehubs are not meant to be taken apart... :) Although the most common Shimano bodies are interchangeable at the hub shell, you may have further...
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    Anyone use a sprocket wear checker?

    I have Rohloff Sprocket Wear Indicator tool used it a few times over the years. Unior and KMC make them too.
  11. Incworks-1969

    Nice long 31.4 seatpost

    No joy from my spares box, turned out to be a 30.9 I'd cut down to 350mm. Bikeinn (Spain) I've bought from these before, during the last lockdown. Happy with the service (bought tyres from them) £4.99 delivery charge to the UK. Check out the seatposts in 31.4.
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    NOS FC-M952 Chainset

    Bargain, I'll take two... :lol:
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    Nice long 31.4 seatpost

    How long is 'long' ?
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    What can I build with my Golden Arrow Groupset

    Re: Re: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=267023
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    Dawes Genesis any info...?

    Re: Re: The original paint finish wasn't the best even when new with minor disclolouration. It was also prone to cranking and flaking at the head tube / headset cup interface and any contact points with bolts / QRs exposing the frame to the elements. The over lacquer has deteriorated over...
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    Raleigh mtb collection

    Yep...that sure is something.
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    What can I build with my Golden Arrow Groupset

    105 Golden Arrow groupo from 1983 - 1986...So there's a time window for original frame manufacturers. Just have to decide weather you want to go French, British, Italian...Cinelli, De Rosa, Bianchi, Colnago, Masi, Pinarello, Gitane, Lapierre, Peugeot, Vitus, Condor, Mercian, Holdsworth...
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    9 speed compatibility

    Simple answer: Yes.
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    JOIN THE ORANGE "CLOCKWORK" CLUB,show your bikes!

    Cheers :lol: Recently fitted Continental Contact Speed 32c x 559s and the 11-34 cassette for a bit more top end road speed for those non-mixed surface days out. Overall very pleased with the build. May well leave the road bike in doors for the rest of this wet summer and run the C16 instead :)