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  1. troje

    Sold Ringle Ti-Stix Holey QR - GOLD

    Happy to take these from you Matt. I’ll pm to follow up.
  2. troje

    Syncros Titanium Seatpost 27.2

    It’s a third gen. Are those decals original?
  3. troje

    RaceFace Ti stem

    That was a steal.
  4. troje

    A Campagnolo Record O.R off road build

    Great starting point. Catalogue correct build? Which cool bikes came factory with Campy Record O.R.? Loads of Italians I reckon. Any cool bikes from the States? I have a bike with a similar set. Love every part of it.
  5. troje

    Rocky Mountain Titanium Part 2, 3, or maybe 4?

    Beautiful and clean bike. Must be a pleasure to ride. How does the Struts handle. I always found a Struts quite heavy and rigid, bomb proof. How does that combine with the subtility of thenti frame?
  6. troje

    When did it lose it for you.....

    Same here. Droppers posts are the best invention on a bike since wheels. Modern geometry is relaxed, fun and gives me confidence. Brakes have become fantastic and I really don’t need three rings up front, just one is enough. Oh, and try a rough downhill with 150mm at the back. A whole new world...
  7. troje

    Rocky Mountain model/year ID?

    Pretty amazing find by the way.
  8. troje

    Head tube reducers

    Does it not just simply make your headset thicker? I think it just reinforces the lot.
  9. troje

    Potts Type II

    Pretty awesome
  10. troje

    Syncros Powerlite fork on eBay Canada

    And a boatload of other good stuff. Looks like the seller splitter a complete bike.
  11. troje

    Sorted Syncros Titanium 27.0 Seatpost - Can swap for non-titanium

    I believe 27.0 Syncros is far more obscure than 27.2 or even 26.8. Not many of these around.
  12. troje

    Sorted Syncros Titanium 27.0 Seatpost - Can swap for non-titanium

    I don’t think I have a 27.0 titanium at the moment free. There is one without logo in my Litespeed though, prefer to keep that set complete.
  13. troje

    Sorted Syncros Titanium 27.0 Seatpost - Can swap for non-titanium

    I bumped my search thread for three years before finally finding what I was looking for. Not a single offer through here during those years though.
  14. troje

    For Sale Rocky Mountain stratos - Syncros powerlite

    I think a realistic price. In parts probably worth slightly more. I’ve never seen that alu sticker on these Rockies, cool. Think it is a very early Stratos.
  15. troje


    Avoid at all cost this scammer.
  16. troje

    Anybody SOLD anything to retrobike member goodyes?? (Alejandro/Alessandro)

    I’m pretty sure almost everyone in the market for a high end Klein frame has seen this thread. Still I’m pretty annoyed that persons like this are scavenging within our nice community.
  17. troje

    For Sale McMahon Ti MRC Suspension Fork Shaka

    Not sure what your point is. If your point is that the price is legit, I don't follow you. The seller sells a fork, not a brake. You link to a brake that has a steep asking price and the seller is not getting any traction there. And your second link is to an instruction manual of this fork.
  18. troje

    For Sale McMahon Ti MRC Suspension Fork Shaka

    Welcome here in the retrobike community. Great first post. I'm sure you will contribute a lot to this group of enthusiasts.
  19. troje

    Ritchey P22 Team

    Slowly. I think I have all the parts now but I haven't started assembling it all together. At the moment I live and work in a different country than where my retro bikes are, that doesn't help. But I've collected everything I think. I found a better Ritchey saddle in white, I think that will...