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  1. steviebexplosif

    Wanted Rare and collectable

    hi everyone..... Not strictly bikes but I'm looking for a camper, I got some very collectable bikes I might be willing to swap trade etcetcetc.... strictly interested in anything. Not just vw. I know there out there... Used for biking adventures. Any ideas I'm in the mids
  2. steviebexplosif

    Wanted Pauls prescision etc etc

    Paul's precision Joe's ....... Etc front mech. Help I've been waiting a long time
  3. steviebexplosif

    Wanted Kalloy

    Purple kalloy Uno seat post 350/420
  4. steviebexplosif

    Trimble expert wanted ... noapp=true I do wonder which Trimble expert this might be................
  5. steviebexplosif

    Let down buyers and dreamers........

    Hmmmmmmm so you put up a very collectable bike, all goes well someone wants to buy it... Only there in Europe, you've never sent to Europe before..... So your a bit cautious and in 2 minds ( damage cost speed etc) then someone from the UK 20 miles down the road mails says there very...
  6. steviebexplosif

    Black fr derailieur

    Hi all desperate front mech 31.8 Paul's joes precision proshift Black being the thing.... I need. Stevie
  7. steviebexplosif

    Black xt

    All black xt front and rear mech urgent help or graphite campag Olympus with thumbies.
  8. steviebexplosif


    Proshift rear mech and front mech in black
  9. steviebexplosif

    Stx rc

    I need to find some cheap stx rc shifters so I can fix someone's bike
  10. steviebexplosif

    Fibre lyte

    Hi all I'm looking for a fibre lyte chainrings 130 bcd 46 48 50 or 52. Hope someone can find one ....... Stevie
  11. steviebexplosif

    Frm carbon

    Hi all looking for a rear frm carbon 32 hole hub or a pair of nuke proof
  12. steviebexplosif

    Lightweight rd

    Anyone got one of these or can offer help........
  13. steviebexplosif

    Carbon lightweight rd derailleur

    I'd like to find one if possible. Please any help?
  14. steviebexplosif

    Easton ec70

    In carbon 26.8 maybe aero?
  15. steviebexplosif


    Im looking for some storck powerarms anyone got any
  16. steviebexplosif


    Stprck powerarms
  17. steviebexplosif


    Stock power arms wanted
  18. steviebexplosif


    I need to help a very good friend..... desperately after some high end gold hubs for a special bike..... Cheers stevie
  19. steviebexplosif

    Grafton and avid

    I need some Grafton shifter pods........ And avid tri align in any colour but not silver or black.....
  20. steviebexplosif

    Desperately seek8ng

    Paul's green front canti