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    Looking for Trimble knowledge

    Hi friends, Looking for some insight on vintage Trimble frames. General knowledge, value etc, Give me a hollar. Cheers L
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    Wanted WANTED - Mavic front and rear derailleurs!!

    Hi all. Looking for a nice pair of Mavic front and rear derailleurs to complete my Mavic build on a sweet vintage ride... Anybody? Thought I had it sorted but deal isn't going anywhere. Have tonnes of trade bait or can buy. Hit me up.
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    For Sale Immaculate 1993 Diamondback Axis TT frame fork superlight Tange

    Super clean 1993 Diamondback Axis TT Frame and tange superlight fork. This was extremely well kept/low miles. Sandvik made. It’s stamped a 16” measures 17” from center to top of seat collar and 22” from center to center top tube. The frame and fork are both extremely clean. No...
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    Clean set Avid Tri-Align canti brakes

    A very clean set off Avid Tri Align cantis. Front and back. Very minimal usage. No major marks or signs of wear. $260 usd. Ask about shipping rates to you from Canada.
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    Rocky Mountain Tantalus Dead or alive

    As the title says. One last bike I'm on the hunt for. Looking for a any year but ideally 1989-1994 Rocky Mountain Tantalus. Also looking for accompanying Rocky fillet brazed stem and Rocky fillet brazed front fork. Will consider any condition including ones that require repair/restoration. I...
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    Immaculate vintage Pro Flex 857 carbon Girvin Elite carbon

    This is as close to NOS/unridden as it gets really. 1997 Pro flex 857 Expert. Incredible shape. 20" frame measured centre to top of seat collar. Almost all original Deore XT group. All in next to new shape. I can find no dents. There are very very faint rubs in a couple spots and the one decal...
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    Hunting Paul derailleurs

    I have a nice build I’m looking for Paul derailleurs for Let me know what you may have Thanks
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    Anyone have a solo non drive side Syncros Revolution crank?

    I know someone out there. It’s have a roached drive side Syncros Revolution crank, but more importantly, has a lonely unused non drive side arm??? If so, would love to hear from you. I have a lonely drive side. Also could use a spider and or original hardware (screws, spacers) Will buy or have...
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    1996/1997 GT Zaskar original frost red ano frame 18"

    Have a nice 18" GT Frost Red ano frame from either 1996 or 1997. All original and in great shape for age. No visible cracks, issues other than some obvious minor scrapes, mainly around chain area. No dents. Includes replaceable dropout and original black seat collar. New set of decals and you're...
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    Wanted AMP F4 spring/damper rebuild parts

    Hi friends Looking for a spring and or complete damper for my AMP F4 fork. Or any rebuild parts in general Have cash or trade Thanks
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    wanted Rocky Mountain Tibolt dead or alive

    Still on the hunt for a 18.5” - 20” Rocky Mountain Tibolt. I would consider a frame only or built bike. Would also consider a plain ol Rocky Titanium, Thunderbolt, Wedge or Tantalus. Well, someone has to believe in Christmas. Thanks
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    wanted: Syncros Chainrings

    Hello friends I need a few Syncros Chainrings to complete my cranksets. Could really use a 36 110 BCD ring, 24 or 26 74 BCD ring and a 32 or 34 94 BCD ring. But open to hearing about any rings you may have. Thanks
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    WANTED Rocky Mountain Tibolt or Titanium

    Not expecting a flood of offers here but worth asking Looking for a Rocky Mountain Tibolt or Titanium frame. ideally 18.5"-20" but would consider any. Complete bike or frame only... Would be nice to add to the herd. Thanks
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    Looking for Paul Crosstops, Stoplights, older V brake, parts

    I have a few old rides I'm trying to keep going. Looking for any older Paul equipment. Brakes like Crosstops, Stoplights, Older V brakes, Motolites. Older Love Handle levers. Any derailleurs. Any brake parts or partial brake sets. Open to various conditions. Please contact, Also looking...
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    WANTED: Syncros Revolution Crankset

    Have a very cool old Rocky Altitude that would look very hot with an original Syncros Revolution crankset. I thought I had a couple on the line but they disappeared. Preferably standard drive (110bcd) but will consider either. Open to various conditions. Please contact, Also looking for...
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    Looking for RaceFace Titanium stems, bar ends

    Hi all. Help finding any decent Raceface Titanium stems (quill or Ahead 11/8” or original Raceface Titanium bar ends would be much appreciated. I have a couple very special builds I’m working on that they would look awesome on. I see they come on here form time to time.