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  1. deliquium

    For Sale *SOLD* Veloce 53/39 square taper 170mm chainset

    In very good condition, purchased a few years ago for another project that fell by the wayside🙄 £35 including RM Signed For postage - EDIT see next post
  2. deliquium

    For Sale Shimano down tube levers - DA 9 speed SL-7700

    1 x pair of Dura Ace SL-7700 9 speed levers, double and triple compatible. Purchased new and only used for two short rides. £45 + £5 RM 2nd Class Signed For postage Have dibs on these, subject to photos tomorrow...
  3. deliquium

    1950s Conloy ASP alloy rims - NIPPLE washers?

    Calling all older wheelbuilders :?: Following on from a previous thread where I built a pair of wheels using Conloy ASP alloy 26" x 1¼" rims, DT Swiss 15/17g S/S spokes and LF Airlite hubs for a friend - should I have used small oval washers under the nipples? Just seen THIS LISTING ON EBAY...
  4. deliquium

    Shimano 105 RD-5600 or Ultegra RD-6600 Rear Derailleurs GS

    Medium cage, silver, good condition
  5. deliquium

    Airlite hubs - to brass washer spoke heads or not?

    Just building up a pair of wheels using SF Airlite hubs, Conloy ASP rims and new stainless steel 15/17/15g (1.8/1.5/1.8mm) spokes. The aluminium flanges are somewhat thinner than modern hubs, being ~2.3mm thick as opposed to ~ 3.3mm. I've just laced the rear 40 hole and used brass spoke washers...
  6. deliquium

    26" x 1¼" rims Airlite SF hubs - WHICH SPOKES and NIPPLES?

    A friend has asked me to build some wheels using EDIT: stainless steel? 26" x 1¼" rims (32/40) and small flange Airlite hubs. Which spokes and nipples to use? It appears these require 15/17g spokes and appropriate nipples. The rims' spoke drillings are too small for Sapim Polyax nipples and...
  7. deliquium

    *TAKEN* Orange (Halifax) bidon

    Offered for free KARMA :D £2.90 postage (or collect Snowdonia) *TAKEN*
  8. deliquium

    REDUCED Velo Orange LF screw on freewheel 32 hole hub +

    1 x Velo Orange 'Grand Cru' High Flange Freewheel Rear Hub - currently 130mm OLD (can be respaced to 126mm and presumably 120mm?) ... hub-130mm/ Less than a 1000 dry miles old - and used in a springy 1948 Stallard 126mm OLD frame - minimal effort...
  9. deliquium

    *ALL SOLD* Campag 1990s Centaur ATB Chainrings

    *ALL NOW SOLD - MANY THANKS* All used by me from new since 1992. NO 36 middle rings cos I wore three of them out - being a middle ring all of the 99.9% of time fella :wink: The Centaur chainsets were used on 'touring' bikes - not ATBs. Outer (110 BCD) 46 tooth x 3 - REDUCED to £9 each Inner...
  10. deliquium

    *SOLD* 1990s Campag Centaur/Euclid BB

    NOS spindle, cups, lockring and caged balls purchased 3 years ago form an Italian forum member. It's had approx 3350 miles use since. I also sourced a NOS plastic sleeve (which cost £7.50!). Right hand axle end has more colouring than left - but no pitting and no ridge using the ball point pen...
  11. deliquium

    *SOLD* 90's Suntour XC Pro + SE Canti brake set NOS

    1 x pair of XC front cantis including all bolts, pads and straddle - Model: CT-XC00/XD10 + 1 x pair of SE XC rear cantis including all bolts, pads and straddle - Model: CT-XP10/XD20 Purchased 4 or 5 years ago - as bagged, labelled and unopened. NOS £10 + £2.90 postage - *SOLD* Many thanks
  12. deliquium

    *SOLD* '90s Campag Centaur ATB Cranks

    3 sets. All owned from new. 170mm. Pedal threads good. Scuffing and scratching evident (look better from a distance :wink: ) £10 per pair + £2.85 Royal Mail 2nd Class postage *SOLD* Or all three pairs for £25 + £2.85 postage *SOLD* May thanks xxnick1975 - who was first with a PM
  13. deliquium

    C&G Finishes - Liverpool

    Anyone have recent experiences? Since the early 1990s they have provided superb finishes on a succession of my Longstaff frames - bikes, trikes, tandems and tandem trikes - all very high quality :D My 1992 Longstaff off the peg touring frame was beautifully re-enamelled by them in 2007 - I...
  14. deliquium

    *SOLD* Freddie Grubb metal headbadge

    Off of a crash damaged 'Galibier' 1970s frame :( Might be of interest to someone? It's rather nice and comes with the two original brass screws *SOLD* £6 + £2.90 Royal Mail 2nd Class postage (unable to satisfactorily/safely package for Large Letter rates :) )
  15. deliquium

    *SOLD* Kinlin ADHN 700c rims new - retro look

    A pair of new unused 36 hole polished silver 8) Kinlin ADHD rims (internal width 18mm) - surplus to requirements. DETAILS CLICKY HERE The pair - £40 + £5 postage *SOLD*
  16. deliquium

    Ultegra 6600/6500 Parts new

    1 x RD-6600 short cage new boxed unused. £43 + post 1 x FD-6500 new, but has been mounted and chain run through once on the stand only. £20 + post 1 x pair 6600 hubs new unused 32 hole rear, 28 hole front. No skewers. £70+ post Postage will be at cost and Royal Mail Signed For = £3.95 per...
  17. deliquium

    *SOLD* Shimano Ultegra 6600/6700 QR Skewers Pair New

    Just bought another NOS pair of Ultegra 6600 hubs and have no need of both NEW unused front (with safety instructions still attached :wink: ) and rear skewers. Cheapest I can find the pair online is £41 :shock: delivered to UK from Bike24 in Deutschland...
  18. deliquium

    *SORTED* Shimano Ultegra RD-6600 + FD-6600 Mechs

    NOS or minty. Short cage rear + braze on front ONLY Or similar derivation, polished silver to run 9 x 2 *SORTED* :D
  19. deliquium

    Shimano 105 RD-5600 SILVER

    Short cage and shiny please :) Or similar? 9 speed
  20. deliquium

    Shimano FH-5600 or FH-6600/6700 32 Hole Silver Hubs

    As per title please :) EDITED: to consider not only a deffo needed rear hub, but a front too.