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  1. mkaavin

    Paul f/r derailleurs black wanted

    Hi I’m doing a build of my ultimate dream bike, a Klein Attitude Sunburst. I really think it will look best with black parts so the sourcing has started. What I’m looking for now, is a good set of Paul derailleurs f/r. Please let me know if you have any of these for sale.
  2. mkaavin

    Q: HG90 - HG91

    Probably a simple question, but does anyone know what was the difference between the HG90 and the HG91 Chain?
  3. mkaavin

    Specialized M2 Team Edition 1992

    Hi A friend of mine has found a Specialized M2 Team Edition 1992. We are planning on taking off all the M900 and sell the frame/fork. Does anyone have an idea of what price to put on a frame like this? Thanks
  4. mkaavin

    Very rare 1990 Miyata Century with gold details

    A friend of mine just brought a very rare and special bike back to life. It's a 1990 model Miyata Century. The frame is partly made of carbon and has 14K gold details. We think that this bike was made in small numbers and only given to Miyata dealers in order to celebrate 100 years production...
  5. mkaavin

    Sorted: NOS HG90 chain

    Sorted now, thanks I'm looking for a NOS HG90 chain. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
  6. mkaavin

    Adroit Mardi Gras for sale ... =1&theater Believe it or not....but it seems that someone wants to sell his original Klein Adroit Mardi Gras. Solid price but I guess that is expected for a bike like this....
  7. mkaavin

    Klein Adroit MC2 Burgundy Blue W/Strata

    Someone here in Norway is selling his Adroit. It's been on sale for about ten days and the ad is still active. Stiff price; 30 000,- NOK (just short of 3 300 EUR) but it's for the whole bike I guess. ... uery=klein
  8. mkaavin

    Sorted: NOS XT one inch headset black

    Hi Looking for a one inch XT headset, black. It should be NOS and English threaded. Thanks
  9. mkaavin

    WTD: Shimano XT pedals & XT 27.2 seatpost

    Hi I'm looking for the following XT parts: - XT pedals, PD M735 with or without toe clips - XT seatpost 27.2 Black SORTED - XT seat QR, SQ-M730 SORTED - XT brake pads for the BR-M734 cantis
  10. mkaavin

    WTD: MAVIC 217/517 SUP wheelset in black

    Hi I'm looking for a Mavic 217 SUP or 517 SUP wheelset with black rims. Hubs either M737, Ringlé, Hope, Hugi or Chris King. Hub color preferably silver or black. Anyone out there? ... :-)
  11. mkaavin

    WTD: M737 front mech 34,9 Bottom pull

    Hi I'm looking for a M737 front mech 34,9 bottom pull...preferably in NOS or VGC.
  12. mkaavin

    WTD: M737 front mech 34.9, bottom pull, in good condition

    Hi I'm looking for a Shimano M737 front mech. It has to be bottom pull and have 34.9 clamp size. I'll be happy if it's NOS or in very good condition. Thanks
  13. mkaavin

    WTD: Ringlè QR skewers for wheels and seat in black

    Hi I'm looking for a set of Ringle QR skewers for wheels and seat in black. I am primarily looking for something in good condition but will gladly consider anything you might have of black Ringlè skewers/QR. Thanks
  14. mkaavin

    Sorted! Shimano XT M737 chainset

    Hi I'm looking for a XT M737 chainset.....preferably in good condition. Anyone out there...?
  15. mkaavin

    Building a Klein Attitude Painted Desert

    This has been waiting a long time for a rebuild. As most of us I have been saving parts for a long time. I still don't have all I need but let's get to it. I will update the parts list below as I am progressing. Here's what it looks like:
  16. mkaavin

    Help identifying my Hoo Koo E Koo

    Hi This is my fathers old Hoo Koo E Koo. I think he bought in 92 or 93. He loved this bike but it was originally built up with some low end Suntour stuff that was really bad. So over time we built it up with Shimano parts (mostly 735 XT and DX) but also a Suntour XC pro crank. He replaced it...
  17. mkaavin

    What is so special with the Syncros seatpost?

    I still remember very well back in the early to mid 90's what brands and equipment that were more popular than others. Names that comes to mind: Ringlé, Chris King, Mavic, Cook Bros, Control Tech, Magura, Paul ...and many others of course. Some of the equipment was of superior quality and that...
  18. mkaavin

    Avid Arch Supreme FS in the MTB -->1997 section

    viewtopic.php?f=2&t=275379 I thought I might list them here also, since they where sold in 1998 as well. Have a look. They look great! :-)
  19. mkaavin

    SOLD Avid Arch Supreme for sale

    Hi These have not seen much use. I took them off a Klein I bought some time ago. A genuine wall-hanger. All little bits and pieces are included. £190 plus shipping (from Norway) To make this fair, please place interest here first and then send PM. Paypal gift or pay the fees.
  20. mkaavin

    SOLD Kooka Racha levers Turquoise/Blue for cantis

    NOW SOLD I have decided to sell these beautiful Kooka levers. The levers are turquoise/blue and in very good condition but I have no use for them, so they have to go. Not often you see these levers in this color for sale. Anyway, I'm only looking to get back what I paid. £120 plus shipping...