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  1. Johnboy

    Raleigh Avanti

    In my favourite colour scheme as well and my, I mustn't. ... %7Ciid%3A1
  2. Johnboy

    Saracen Kili Flyer Elite frame ... Sw3dxbUFzo
  3. Johnboy

    One for the next Fluoro BotM maybe? ... Sw2yNbTGxI
  4. Johnboy

    Beautifully understated Saracen

    I think THM might have gone into bike renovation consultancy :lol: :lol: ... SwAolakTqA
  5. Johnboy

    Saracen Kili Racer E-stay ... Swru9bG~6x
  6. Johnboy

    Muddy Fox Seeker Mega frame ... SwkkNbDk~J
  7. Johnboy

    Nos Kirk Revolution

    If you like the rear of your bike overtaking the front this could be for you :lol: ... Sw8SpbHU8U
  8. Johnboy

    Eclipse Canyon Ltd 1984/5 -Finished-

    I spotted the picture above while I was browsing on Shpock and my interest was piqued. A couple of days later I was the proud owner of what I think is an Eclipse Canyon Ltd in need of some TLC from the early/mid 80’s. I have no direct knowledge of that era as I didn’t get into ATB’s until the...
  9. Johnboy

    Suntour LD-2800 thumbies *Sorted*

    Anyone got a set of Suntour LD-2800 thumbies they would like to sell me? Need to be good condition though.
  10. Johnboy

    Dawes Ranger

    I have a bit of a soft spot for these.....not a view shared by everyone on here :lol: ... Sw-olaLn-p
  11. Johnboy

    Kinesis Tripster AT

    The bridleways here and just about everywhere else in the UK are like swamps at this time of year, as I'm sure you are all only to aware, add to that the clay soil in Sussex and I've just started finding it all a bit tiresome. But there are some well drained hardpack paths which you can link...
  12. Johnboy

    2,300 year old bike bits

    Recently discovered at a dig in Leicestershire - Copper alloy horn-cap and iron brooch my arse, what do archaeologists know? It's clearly a wheel hub and primitive rear derailleur. Well that was my first thought on seeing the photo, but it's just possible I'm spending too much time messing...
  13. Johnboy

    Andy Powell Overbury's frame?

    Certainly looks like an Overbury's. Needs some work and no frame size. "And I haven't tried removing the bottom bracket but part of it has broken off in storage." :| . I'll leave positive identification up to the experts.
  14. Johnboy

    Large Overburys Pioneer frame

    . .
  15. Johnboy

    Just another sh*t post.

    A quick and easy way to improve your performance. I've often been told I'm full of it anyway and I can't believe there's not some of this good stuff in there somewhere. Although my athletic exploits would suggest otherwise :lol: . ... oping-soon
  16. Johnboy

    Overbury's Pioneer

    Needs some TLC, but proceeds go to Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust. ... Sw0hlZNont
  17. Johnboy

    Overburys Connoisseur tandem ... SwsXFZIGvo
  18. Johnboy

    Mountain Bike

    This caught my eye. I'm sure I've seen that front fork geometry before somewhere. ... Sw~FJZK1la
  19. Johnboy


    What's happened to Mombat? seems to have been down for a few days now. I hope it comes back, I find it a useful resource.
  20. Johnboy

    Rain cape for the erotica ... 2495329175 It's not mine.