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  1. mcada

    For Sale Stems, Cranks, saddles & more - CBR, Salsa, Lobster, XTR, Turbo, Ritchey, Ibis, CQP, Syncros

    Hi all Next to the Potts Swift (LINK), I`d sell some parts, primary stems, cranks and saddles + a Syncros titanium. All pics are here Stems - Lobster, VGC, 150mm 7+°, original: 250€ - Cooks Bros, VGC: 150, 5°, 425€ - Salsa P10, NOS: 185€ - reserved...
  2. mcada

    For Sale 1987 19" Steve Potts - Swift - Hi-E, Specialized, Suntour

    Selling this Steve Potts Swift frameset (these two pictires are from Eric R., he sold the frame to me) There are reports from only 50 made. This is sweet #16 It is half fillet brazed Steve made it to be a bit less pricey than the fully custom and fillet brazed Potts back then...
  3. mcada

    Sold 1985 IBIS Custom #106 (Wes´s bike) incl Ibis Type II and LD

    Hey, I´m doing a bit hard with it, but a new investment in my focused classic MTB brand, requires some funding. For sale is 1985 IBIS CUSTOM - #106 - WES WILLIAMS´S frame set This was Wes bike, #1 employee of IBIS. here he is...
  4. mcada

    Wanted Paul Canti brake levers - lots to trade as well (Salsa, Mavic, WTB, CQP, Edco, Campy, Avid, Syncros Ti)

    Hey I'm searching some parts for a nice build - 1. pair of 1. Paul levers for Canti lever brakes Condition can be used, but fully functional, VGC and better is also cool I'd buy or trade things like Salsa Roller, Cooks/ CQP/PBC/ Race Face cranks, WTB NP hubs, div NOS Mavic and Specialized...
  5. mcada

    Withdrawn Steelman Elgato 18" - rare fillet art with Salsa, King, XT, Mavic, Turbo

    Friends of fine fillet brazed steel is real MTB This is a rare opportunity to buy an ElGato from Mr. Brent Steelman It`s a 1993 18" model, OG paint and OG fork, which is next to the rare frame and even rarer opportunity to buy - check it out on all channels you know, you will probably find not...
  6. mcada

    Sold Rocky Mountain Summit RL - 20" - XT, Ritchey, Answer, Mavic

    Hey folks selling this Rocky Mountain Summit RL Planned as winter bike, it´s completion got summer and there are too many here. so here it is, patina but nothing serious, neither dents nor significant rust wheels are close to mint. important. Its a 130mm rear hubm, which I spaced up. runs...
  7. mcada

    Price update - Queen of fillet brazed MTB: Ritchey Annapurna

    Friends of the finest (TR) steel bike made - My vintage MTB new year resolution brought some tough criteria for 2021. Therefore I wanted to carefully ask if there is a fellow who would be interested in buying my Annapurna project (1A14, 90-95% late 85 catalog replica) It is a 21". I usually...
  8. mcada

    Golden VGT rubber-Conti-Onza-Ritchey-Specialized-Smoke-Tioga

    Hey, I´m selling some NOS/minty tyres. Payment via PP as gift or you add fees. Shipping is on top. tracked via DHL 27€ (yep, since Jan 1 +11€ more...) I do pack only on weekends. I do have boxes for the first 5-6 pairs, others need to wait a little longer - shops are closed here and it´s...
  9. mcada

    SOLD - 90 Yeti FRO 18.5 - CK, COOK, RINGLE, AC, TUNE, XTR

    Hey, I´m about to start new projects for which I can use some parts. Therefore I´ll split this set partially. After the frame sell, I´ll sell parts. All interests are noted until then. ................................................. Hey Yeti fans, short and sweet. FRO #1234 (18" cc) up...
  10. mcada

    Sold - 87 Yeti FRO #380 - Araya RM/XT730 + Tioga left

    Selling this very early YETI #380 - It´s a FRO with round top tube with a 1" BMX steerer, Duplex drops. Fork is an Accutrux, but no campy drops, so bit newer. Paint: repaint by Berlin Cycle Art. When I found this frame, I didn´t know its low serial, so I decided given its history to do a...
  11. mcada

    Breezer Lightning Flash 17" frame set

    Hi selling this 17" Breezer Lightning Flash # 43/roughly 200 frame set as project. THE only one Joe did full fillet brazed. It includes the original fork as well as fillet brazed stem The TT has some repairs, therefore asking price is 550€ + shipping. Personally as well as my frame builder...
  12. mcada

    Sold - 90 Brave Warrior "TET"

    Selling this 90 Brave Warrior Tom Teesdale welded frame set or complete bike I got this frame as part of a trade. Since there was a nice Tange fork with Ritchey drops, I decided to try a primarily Ritchey group with it. This is how the set is sold now Details ST: 500mm c/t TT : 580mm c/c...
  13. mcada

    sold Pair Wilderness Trail Bikes Speedmaster Roller Cams

    Hey guys, selling these two rare friends: WTB Speedmaster RollerCams, full functioning. Price: 1350€
  14. mcada

    Sold American Breezer FS + Koski fork

    Hey there, up for sale is a lovely American Breezer frame set - it was born in March 88 (according the Breezer list). It comes with an original Koski fork and two American stems - silver and black, both same measures 120*10-15°. On top of course the HIte-Rite, XT730 headset and BB. In addition...
  15. mcada

    Sold - 1987 Fat City Cycles - Wicked Fat Chance

    Hey guys, short and sweet - I just built it or rather tuned this FAT Wicked into a bit more fancy, Wicked Fat City Cycles rider from 1987 - I added to the original 19.5" frame set the nice splatter paint Salsa stem, a hot wheels, cool brake levers and the IRD brakes. BUT, since it arrived in...
  16. mcada

    Sold - 1991 Bontrager OR 19.5" - Get Serious, ....

    Friends don´t let Friends ride neon! Classic MTBs friends, who doesn´t know that iconic ad from Keith and Ross? is your chance to get Keiths masterpiece and for me it´s time to say farewell to a very good friend in favor of finding someone who has more time for him. 1991 Bontrager OR -...
  17. mcada

    sold 1989 - Ritchey Timber Comp searches new home

    Hi there, this is a new build up 89 20" Ritchey Timber Comp - #0B688 I got this naked frame NOS, it came from a MTB treasury fund from Steelman´s Ray Schamal here she is today after a nice journey all documented on my page: ... comp-1989/ The stem...
  18. mcada

    Middleburn R1 + Campy Record OR

    HI There, I´m selling two rare cranks, which are no longer in needed for builds. 1. Middleburn Rhino The first they build, very special with the Rhino on it. El voila, UK power crank Shipped to EU: 250€ 2. Campy Record OR brakes + levers Shipped to EU: 235€ Sold: Breezer / IRD Vortex...
  19. mcada

    XT 730 - Thumbies, RD, FD, brake levers + Suntour XC 26.8 po

    Hi there I'm searching for the above named parts. Condition should be at least good, the more the better I do have cash or trades Thanks a lot Matthias
  20. mcada

    sold - Ritchey Vantage Comp (NOS) / Hope titan wheelset

    Hi I'm selling this.wheel.set..professinalky laced Vantage comps are NOS, hubs VGC 28h, 130mm, DT Swiss spokes 260€ incl shipping to UK