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    '70s Colnago

    Captain and Stoker
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    '70s Colnago

    50 years ago I had a 1971 Colnago. My uncle, who is 15 years older, figured that if I had one, they must be nice bikes, so he bought one a few years later. Then he put a book rack and clincher tires on it. In 1979 he was also the first customer for Gary Fisher and me, in our company called...
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    45th anniversary coming up

    On October 21, 1976 I agreed to help a few friends settle an argument as to who was the fastest downhill rider on our modified "klunker" bikes. We had decided that a time trial was the way to make it as fair as possible. I worked out a timing system with a couple of clocks. We had that race on a...
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    Today's Ride

    There is a group of old guys like myself who meet daily at the same place and time. No fixed list, just whoever shows up. Yesterday no one else did, so I rode alone. That meant I took a harder ride than their usual, and ended up poised on top of "Heart Attack Hill," ready to ride back to town. I...
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    Today's Ride

    A long time ago my late friend Pat Reddix started this venerable thread. When the now deceased magazine Privateer came to Northern California, I was not available to guide them, and for better or worse, I turned them over to Pat. I found the article today while working on the Mountain Bike...
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    1983 Ritchey Annapurna

    This bike had been in a state of genteel decay, since I was not riding it., My friend Josh Orlando brought it back to life. Tom Ritchey built this custom frame for me. Paint is original, and very battered. Tom put my name on it, but most of it has worn off. This bike has been to a few amazing...
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    Fat Tire Flyer .pdf scans

    Re: Re: The first few were composed on an ordinary typewriter.
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    Jacquie Phelan poster

    Re: Re: The Muddy Fox poster involved trademarks and copyrights, which eliminated the profit. Using my own magazine and my own photo solved that problem. The MTB Hall of Fame has embraced the idea, and I am working on signed posters of John Tomac, Cindy Whitehead, Ned, and whoever else I can...
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    Fat Tire Flyer Products in UK

    I apologize if this is posted in the wrong area. If it disappears I will know why. I had an email from a RetroBiker asking about some of the items I sell online, i.e. posters, t-shirts, old copies of my magazine, etc. Because postal expenses add so much to the price of these items sent to...
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    Today's Ride

    The Magic Bridge is a wooden causeway that takes hikers and bicyclists across a sensitive marshy area. If Pat was on a ride that crossed it, a stop on the middle was mandatory.
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    Today's Ride

    This thread was started by "FairfaxPat," AKA my longtime friend Pat Reddix. He left the trails a couple of years ago, and now he has a memorial in the Fairfax town park, purchased by his friends and family. The bench has a small plaque that will keep his memory alive.
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    Jacquie Phelan poster

    I have printed posters of the 1986 Fat Tire Flyer cover featuring Jacquie Phelan. They are printed on heavy 17" x 11" poster stock. Then I had her sign a bunch of them, which I am sending to my UK distributors, "Fat Tire Flyer UK & Europe." See Benji Norton at the Bike Cabin if you need one.
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    Fat Tire Flyer UK & Europe

    I am ably represented across the pond by Fat Tire Flyer UK & Europe. They will sell you Fat Tire Flyer logo items, such as t-shirts, original copies of Fat Tire Flyer magazine, coffee cups, and my signed "Repack" race posters. Check them out on Instagram
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    Oldest mountain bike in UK?

    Re: First import was this Ritchey Mountainbike imported in 1982.
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    I got this award...

    Singletrack Magazine has informed me that I won their annual "Legends" award. Why do I feel like they made it up just to give it to me? In any event, it will look great in my trophy case, which is currently empty. Here it is.
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    Being Gary Fisher

    Gary Fisher's book has finally hit print, a little late for the Christmas season. It's called "Being Gary Fisher." It's not sold through traditional book outlets like Amazon or book stores, only from Trek or through Trek dealers. I have no information about the availability in UK.
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    I made the local newspaper for something I did 44 years ago

    The San Francisco Chronicle" How A Wild Downhill Race In 1970S Marin County Launched National Mountain Biking Trend
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    Remote Lectures

    Re: Re: On my last lecture tour I took a last second gig at a pub in Hebdon Bridge. They had no setup for a PP presentation, so I just stood on the third step of a flight of stairs and talked. It was far more entertaining than my PP lecture, and I immediately quit using it. Anyone can do a...
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    Remote Lectures

    I have done a couple of lecture tours of UK to promote my book, but that is not currently possible. I have toyed with using Skype to present a PowerPoint that I created to help my lecture, but I have decided that I hate PowerPoint, at least in that context. My current idea is to present the...
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    Klunkerz raises kash

    I took part last week in a showing of "Klunkerz" in support of a local mountain bike charity, Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance (REMBA). Attendees paid a hefty sum to attend, $50, and then spent considerably more at an auction of donated items that included lavish mountain bike vacations...