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    Wanted 1986 /1987 Muddy Fox Courier Stem

    I am after a 1986 /1987 Muddy Fox Courier Stem 22,2 mm
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    A Tip for removing hardened elastomers from Rock Shox forks

    I have just started refurbing a set of Rock Shox Quadra 21R forks and the elastomers had dried out I started by digging the top elastomer out no problem then I had to remove the plastic spacer which I couldn't grip or hook out .I then decided to use a small screw which I ground the head down and...
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    Those were the days !

    Just seen this on tv !
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    News Retro Bikes linked to Covid

    I volunteer at a local bike charity and last week one of the donated bikes had this on it.
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    20 inch frame Townsend Warlord it might be for someone on here,

    Hi all I refurbed this bike last week at a cycle charity that I volunteer at and they have it for sale for £135. it is very good and hasn't had much use .It has had New chain /inner and outer cables /and new tyres / front and rear brakes Due to age not wear. The...
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    Mafac Brake lever adjuster

    Can anyone point me to anywhere in the uk who could suppy one Mafac brake lever cable adjuster like the ones below or has anyone got a spare .
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    Help with Frame ID

    Hi when I bought this bike it was for a few parts rims and brake shrouds. The fella said it was a Raleigh Milk Race but I think not. The frame has no bosses the put mudguards on for starters and the forks don't look the same. It has chan star brakes Sugino mp crank and Araya 700c Alloy rims ...
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    5 Speed Freewheel heip please

    I have a wheel I want to respoke and I need to remove the complete freewheel to fit the drive side spokes as the spokes still catch when you try to insert them as you can see most of the original spokes are bent close to the hub. I have removed the cogs but I need to know how to remove the rest...
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    Help with a year for a (Motobecane ) Motoconfort Special Sport

    This is my first go at a road bike I have been riding and collecting retro mountain bikes for a while and now I have bought this today frame condition is very good few age related marks but not alot. I would like help putting an age to it, the frame number is stamped on the rear drive side dropout
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    Trek 930 year help please

    I have just picked up a red Trek 930 and I am having trouble putting a year to it. so if anyone can help please. I have a Trek 8000 in the same colour red and that is 1990. but the 1990 Catalogue didn't show a red 930
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    For Sale Head Tube Reducer for 1 1/8'' to 1'' so you can use 1'' forks

    I have some 1 1/8'' to 1'' head tube reducers for sale that will let you use a 1'' headset in a head tube that uses a 1 1/8 head set . They are £11.75 + £2 Recorded delivery
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    Help with Muddy Fox Courier cables please.

    Hi all I am starting to respray and restore 3 Muddy Fox Courier's 1 1986 & 2 1987 and I wonder if someone could tell me where I can buy the outer Gear and Brake cable to match the ones originally fitted.
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    Help with a head tube reducer

    Hi I am looking for head tube reducer from 1 1/8 to 1 inch so that I can fit a 1 inch headset. The last ones I bought were about £6 for the pair but now the shop has closed where I bought them from. can anyone point me in the direction of a source please.
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    Wanted Suntour XCM Accushift rear derailleur

    Hi I am looking for a Suntour XCM Accushift rear derailleur 6 speed if anyone has one available .
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    Wanted 1986/87 Muddyfox courier rear wheel

    Hi I am after a Araya 26 x 175 rear wheel complete or just a rim 36 hole.or even front and rear of price is right. Cheers
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    Collection or obsession

    I have been sorting my loft out and had to temporarily move a lot of my bikes together in one place and my wife commented that I was getting obsessed. So is she right? I do ride most of them and I do have others not in the photos.
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    Removing a very rusted stem and headset nut

    I have just acquired 2 Muddyfox Couriers 1986 & 1987 one had the stem seized in so I soaked with Plus Gas to release it .After removing the wedge bolt I tried twisting the stem with no luck. I then went on to release the headset nuts just to confirm that they moved which they didn't so I cut...
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    Muddy Fox Courier Help with year please

    Just picked this up and would like to put a year to it if someone could help please also if there is any Catalogues available to look at.
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    Anyone know what this bike is

    Anyone know what this bike is I'm guessing it's not an Orange . Is it just a cheapy someone has built from spare bits, any info as to the frame.
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    Triumph Pink Witch help

    Hi all I need a bit of help please does anyone own or have detailed photos of a Triumph Pink Witch.I have searched Google and most of the photos don't show any real detail of decals so any help would be appreciated.