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    Super Galaxy Sizing

    Afternoon all, I'd be really grateful for some sizing advice if possible please! I've seen a Dawes Super Galaxy on Facebook Marketplace (with older horizontal top tube geometry) which looks pretty much ideal. The chap selling listed the size as 22.5/23". I'm unfamiliar with old(er)school sizing...
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    Wanted Kaffenback or Pompino

    Hi all, as per the title really - looking for a Planet X Kaffenback, or On One Pompino, in medium. Later models preferred ideally. If anyone has either for sale I'd be grateful for a heads up, thank you.
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    Dawes Sterling Approximate Date

    Hi there, I'm hoping that you more knowledgeable chaps could help me date a bike. It's a Dawes Sterling tourer that has appeared in my local bike shop for sale at a very reasonable price. I like a steel bike any way, and this scratches an itch for a steel tourer. It's 8spd Acera with a triple up...