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    Half Man Half Biscuit appreciation thread

    Liverpools finest.... No, not the sodding Beatles... Half Man Half Biscuit. From the seminal album ACD..... God I could murder a cadburys flake but I guess you wouldn't let me into heaven or maybe you would coz their adverts promote oral sex? A Romany bint in a field with her paints...
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    FS.Mythic Spitfire/ 160mm Bombers/ Thomson/ Superstar/ SLX

    I've decided that as I'm never going to ride this bike that it's time to part with it once and for all. It's a great looking bike and is a hoot to ride, but I'm set in my ways and a steel hardtail is always going to be first out of the door. Despite being over a year old I've frobably riden it...
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    Northern Lights

    So, Monday night. Laid in bed but didn't get a wink of sleep all night. Outside in the skies we had an amazing lightshow. Everyone was talking about it yesterday. Some of the photos I've seen are amazing. Missed the whole thing as I tried to sleep. There was another huge solar eruption...
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    Alfine 11speed users. Your experence sought

    Hi all, So is anyone running Alfine hub gears on here? Any problems? Do you notice the extra weight in the back end? How are you finding the spread of ratios? Cheers Si
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    Pistonhead's Lewis Hamilton Photoshop Thread

    Very funny.
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    NE&YORKS. The Official 2012 National Series Car Share Th

    NE&YORKS. The Official 2012 National Series Car Share Thread A great looking National Series this year with several rounds within striking distance. Hoping for a good NE&YORKS turnout this year to show the lesser regions that this is the best damn area group going. To that end, here's a...
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    Re-Chroming Recommendations?

    Ayup, Can anyone recommend a good chroming specialist? I took a few pairs of forks and some Jensen parts to my local place last week to find that they have closed down. I need good quality, reasonable turnaround and somewhere that works with couriers- I don't have time to go there personally...
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    Riding Kit. The Early Years. What did you wear?

    Following on from the Lycra versus Baggies thread, I'd like to discuss what we wore back in the day. I'm asking the early adopters of this site specifically. Yes, I know Lycra was the kit for the racers in the 90's, but I'm more interested in what folk used in the mid 1980's before mountain...
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    Show me your Jelly Beans

    Hi all, I'm looking for as many images as possible of Salsa's iconic Jelly Bean paint scheme. Also, does anyone happen to know the paint codes? I have a rather special frame to get painted over the christmas holidays and really need your help guys. over to you :wink: thanks si
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    Caption Comp Time

    Recent Six Dales Ride. NE&Yorks AEC Kaya gets all high and mighty. Give it your best shot :wink:
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    NE&Yorks Present Dalby and the RAC Rally. The rematch.

    North East and Yorkshire Area Group proudly present DALBY AND THE RAC 2011. THE RE-MATCH SATURDAY 3RD DECEMBER 2011 MEETING POINT: Hole of Horcum car park beside A170 north of Pickering. TIME: 8:00am sharp for an 8:30 start. Fee Tea/ Coffee and bacon rolls served from 7:30am...
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    Self build home. Advice needed.

    Hi folks, Have any of you gone down the self build route before? In particular, i'd like advice and recommendations on going for an oak framed build. Any difficulties, pit falls, planning issues, estimated cost etc. Cheers Si
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    This is why....picture heavy!

    This is why everyone should try and get out on a RetroBike organized ride next year. Great people, great riding, great bikes, blue skies, mud and craic gallore. All photos from last months NE&Yorks Repack Anniversary Klunk. Location; Carlton Bank, North Yorkshire Moors Autumn gold...
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    1985 Mongoose AT Pro- A Very Special Project

    1985 Mongoose AT Pro I thought I would start a build thread for our latest project. Things have been quiet in the surgery this year as i have been concentrating on building up new frames and sorting all the gear that entails. Apart from rebuilding the Klunker, i've not restored an oldskool...
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    Repack Schwinn Klunker

    Hi all, Just got this finished in time for the 35th aniversary of the first repack race. Based around the 37 Excelsior that i built up a few years back but changed so much I thought it deserved a fresh look. Two years of riding had taken its toll on this now 74 year old frame as new...
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    Dan Wheldon 1978-2011

    Dan Wheldon Indycar Champion and twice winner of the Indy 500 lost his life during the early stages of the Las Vegas 300 yesterday. A stark reminder of the dangers of motor racing. My thoughts go out to his wife and two young boys. RIP Danny boy.
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    Doc's late season wanted list

    WANTED Pre-historic Colson forged truss fork, with truss rods. Cosmetics not important but must be straight. Campagnolo Record Super Corsa headset circa 1975-80. Must be mint! Modern 29er wheelset. Disc only. Fox TALAS 36, or Lyric 2 step or Magura Wotans. Something 160/170mm with...
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    Bell Jet helmet FS

    For sale Bell Jet Classic openface helmet. size medium Brand new and only trial fitted. Black shell with brown leather lining. Black Bell peak and spare white Arai peak included. McQueen fans note that Steve wore a black Jet with a white peak 8) Comes will helmet sock and a nice...
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    Dalby and the RAC 2011

    DALBY AND THE RAC 2011. THE RE-MATCH MEETING POINT: Hole of Horcum car park beside A170 north of Pickering. TIME: 8:00am sharp for an 8:30 start. Fee Tea/ Coffee and bacon rolls served from 7:30am. Last order at 8:15 so get there early. ROUTE: Moorland single and doubletrack to...
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    RIDES FOR 2012?

    Its about that time of year where I used to ask the question 'Where do you want to ride next year?'. Although I'm no longer AEC, I can say that when I was it was a big help to get suggestions in from the regular riders to shape the following year. It's been another great year for rides so far...