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    1983 Raleigh Rapide frame, 58cm, repainted.

    Bought this frame a while back as a pub frame, built it up but clearance was just too tight for mudguards. I’ve had it sandblasted and I’ve re-sprayed it with a ‘Charlie white pearl’ not an exact replica colour but close. Had H.Lloyd make me up a set of reproduction decals with the green...
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    Steve Thornhill Resto Mod

    Not been too active on the building front recently, managed to get in a lot of riding in the spring but the new job has left me very little spare time. Enough about me, I put together a pub bike for another feed but this one is more interesting (far cooler). I was approached by a good friend (I...
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    Anyone ever heard of Luxus?

    Just rescued a bike from being binned, it’s a Luxus Racer Classic. Nothing special, 5 speed Altus friction shifters, weinmann brakes etc. I’ve not even really had a good look at it but it’s complete. Apparently the guys parents got it for him, had a full service and he never rode it. Been sat...
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    Condor World Series modern retro 54cm ***SOLD***

    £550 or offers This is a classy modern retro build based around a limited edition Condor ‘World Series’ frame from around 2012. They only made a few hundred in white and the 5 different colours from the world champion stripes so each size/colour combination would be rare. Built in Italy around...
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    80s 90s Shimano rear derailieur cable anchor bolt

    Looking for this bolt for an RX100 rear derailieur. Or any rear derailieur in any condition that may be blessed with an intact one. Seems to be a hard part to find on googlebay. Would usually go to the bike project for a rummage but the lockdown has prevented that.
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    Run DMC’s road bike

    Just going to put this here, once again Colnago pushing the limits of good taste! Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!
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    Wee Peugeot project

    Here’s another little project I’ve got on. A bunch if mates have an annual beery bikey camping weekend with the theme leaning towards retro steel bikes. A kind of beer-oica. This came about due to budget constraints in the early days but also the love of a great steel bike. Our preferred era is...
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    Moser Classe resto mod

    Just put this together for a friend who wants to get into road cycling, he had a budget of £500 and I told him I could do better than Evans for the same money. Moser Classe frame with a fresh coat of lacquer. 105 5800 Groupset with 500km on it. New Shimano RS21 wheels. And the rest ... Pretty...
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    1985 Claud Butler Majestic resto-mod 58cm SOLD

    1985 Claud Butler Majestic, 531 tubing. Resprayed with automotive paint and a 2-part clear coat. I’ve also brazed on bottle bosses, shifter bosses and the pump pegs for the pump. Loads of brand new bits and the used bits have all been stripped, cleaned and re-greased. New bits; Tubes Tyres...
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    1985-ish Claud Butler Majestic

    Here’s one I got a bit carried away with. I got this ‘well used’ Claud Butler Majestic, best guess is 1985. The intention was a quick tart up and use for a pub/town singlespeed or fixed. Best laid plans and all that, I’d freed up soma Sora 3500 bits from an upgrade to my winter bike so I...
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    Time carbon forks and headsets £65 SOLD

    Got some retro carbon bits here. Came off a frame very much worse for wear but rescued these. I’ve no idea what they’re worth, using eBay as a guide and massively undercutting. Prices plus postage. Corima Ellipse seatpost, M length and 27.2mm blocks, pretty good condition, rare and cool as you...
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    Anyone know what Raleigh this is?

    Just picked up this frame, a little tatty with a wee dent on the top tube, perfect for what I need. Just interested to know what it was. 531 butted, serial no is WN3001599, would that make it a ‘73 or an ‘83? Tried looking in some old catalogues but can’t seem to identify it. Fork rake suggests...
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    Ribble frame quality

    How good are older Ribble steel frames (80’s/90’s)? Anyone got any experience? Basically my best bike is a ‘96 Peugeot Competition 3000 with Columbus Thron tuning with a Tiagra 4700 groupset and Ultegra wheels. The geometry is steep and tight and it rides really well and handles great (85km/h...
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    Wanted! 8 speed or compatible Campagnolo rear mech

    I’m after a 8 speed (or 9, depending on compatibility) Campagnolo rear mech, short or long. Got an annual retro ride next weekend and one of the chaps’ rear mech committed suicide last week, sheared off in the hanger. He’s got 8 speed Mirage but anything that will work is fine. Any condition as...
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    Karma Claud Butler Majestic

    I acquired this karma frame just before Christmas, a nice solid 531 tourer, an 80s Claud Butler Majestic. In tatty but structurally good condition. I wanted to upgrade my town/pub bike so I thought I’d give this a respray and build it up. I wanted to do more of a restoration with matching...
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    Campagnolo rear mech help please...

    I’m fairly well versed on old Shimano but I’ve not had a lot of experience with Campagnolo. I was out with a mate the other day and his rear mech lunched itself. The mounting bolt sheared off and all hell broke loose. Needless to say the mech is dead, and probably the chain but the frame is fine...
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    7 speed Shimano downtube shifters

    Looking for SIS, 7 speed, band on or braze on. Working but the cheaper the better!
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    Frame pump advice

    Looking for a bit of advice/opinion regarding a frame pump. Just got hold of an 80s Claude Butler tourer that needs a bit of TLC. In the process of stripping it now and planning on brazing on some shifter bosses, bottle bosses and pump peg(s). I want to spray and decal a pump to match the frame...
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    Yet another mystery frame thread

    Yet another mystery frame has crossed my path. It had been stripped and resprayed before I got it so there were no clues but here’s what I know. It’s pretty light and well put together, wrap over stays and nice lugs. Curved brake bridge. RGF bottom bracket. Faintest trace of ‘brev’ on one rear...
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    Rourke panto stem

    Not mine but just seen this on eBay, seems like something that would go down well here... ... 3312580002