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    Santa Cruz Mid-Late Mk 1

    So after much searching, I finally found a Mk1 Chameleon frame at a decent price for the condition. For the sum of £25, I picked up this beauty. Properly battered in need of a respray and had a seized BB but for £25 you can’t grumble! I took all the parts off the Planet X build, with a few other...
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    Why did you pick your username?

    Im Ginger, and part Scottish, Everyone called me the Kilt when growing up so its stuck on all forums im on. Strava is my only one that isnt, "Baron Von Rotor Bart"
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    So who has an E-bike then ?

    I dont have one, and probably wont be in a position to need one anytime soon (in good health so no need for assistance to pedal). I did came accross this on ebay though, and is a perfect example on how NOT to do an e-bike conversion...
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    Anyone local to Sittingbourne who could possibly collect something and Post?

    Theres some stuff on ebay somone is selling, and strangley wants everything collection only, and will not entertain postage at all (I have messaged them regarding this) Is anyone local to that area who could potentially collect and post it back to me? there is £10 in it for someone to help out?
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    Very Tidy Marin Nail FRS

    Surprised how tidy this is, and reasonably priced.
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    Scott Endorphin

    Not the best condition...
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    Carrea...with Rockshox Judy XLC Dual Crown forks

    worth it for the forks if you need any spares? also looks like X-lite bar end caps. Bit of a mess tbh
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    For Sale Mavic & hope wheels

    Dam, im after 36. Thanks anyway.
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    For Sale Mavic & hope wheels

    Hi, what spoke count are these and would you accept collection? If so where are you located?
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    Odd Hope quick release design?

    It’s because of the size of the clamp. All 31.8 clamps will be like that. There needs to be a certain amount of flex in the clamp, so if you had the same machined section as he larger ones, it wouldn’t flex enough to clamp he seat tube.
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    Wanted Rear hub - Preferably hope, 36 hole

    Bump, still after a rear hub, 36 hole. Anyone got any?
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    For Sale Schwinn Straight 6 front triangle - free/cost of postage - GONE

    Closer to me than I thought but still a bit too far for something that may not work for my idea. Thanks anyway though.
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    For Sale Bomber Z2 slime green £65 posted

    Is collection ok and if so where are you located?
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    For Sale Schwinn Straight 6 front triangle - free/cost of postage - GONE

    Where are you located? I’d be interested if local
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    Wanted MBUK watch strap.

    thread resurection, Anyone got any still? i am after the bloe and Yellow strap, doing the age old strap it on the top tube to stop the hose rattle!
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    Bottom bracket with deep threads, Square taper or external

    Good news, the LBS re-did the thread and faced the BB, and the bottom bracket goes in there fine (Square taper) and seems to be holding pretty good. Will buidl it up and ride a few days and re-check to make sure everything is OK. If not i will go for one of the threadless BBs. Cheers all.
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    Bottom bracket with deep threads, Square taper or external

    I picked up a Mk1 Santa Cruz Chameleon local to me for rather cheap as the BB was stuck in and he couldn’t get it out. So after some soaking with spray lube and vinegar, some heat around the BB, I manged to get it out. I immediately saw the problem, it seems he or a previous owner had glued the...
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    Cannondale Gemini with Monster T's

    its slacker than most newer bikes!
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    Cannondale Gemini with Monster T's

    This is worth it just for the forks, which i think most people will be bidding on it are after. I would be very tempted but not much else of the bike is worth it, and i dont have anything for the might T's to go on, except for my garage wall...
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    Cannondale frame, Ex race frame maybe?

    What chainset is it? I didn’t spot that before, looks really odd!