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    Santa Cruz Mid-Late Mk 1

    So after much searching, I finally found a Mk1 Chameleon frame at a decent price for the condition. For the sum of £25, I picked up this beauty. Properly battered in need of a respray and had a seized BB but for £25 you can’t grumble! I took all the parts off the Planet X build, with a few other...
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    Anyone local to Sittingbourne who could possibly collect something and Post?

    Theres some stuff on ebay somone is selling, and strangley wants everything collection only, and will not entertain postage at all (I have messaged them regarding this) Is anyone local to that area who could potentially collect and post it back to me? there is £10 in it for someone to help out?
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    Very Tidy Marin Nail FRS

    Surprised how tidy this is, and reasonably priced.
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    Scott Endorphin

    Not the best condition...
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    Carrea...with Rockshox Judy XLC Dual Crown forks

    worth it for the forks if you need any spares? also looks like X-lite bar end caps. Bit of a mess tbh
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    Bottom bracket with deep threads, Square taper or external

    I picked up a Mk1 Santa Cruz Chameleon local to me for rather cheap as the BB was stuck in and he couldn’t get it out. So after some soaking with spray lube and vinegar, some heat around the BB, I manged to get it out. I immediately saw the problem, it seems he or a previous owner had glued the...
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    Cannondale Gemini with Monster T's

    This is worth it just for the forks, which i think most people will be bidding on it are after. I would be very tempted but not much else of the bike is worth it, and i dont have anything for the might T's to go on, except for my garage wall...
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    Cannondale frame, Ex race frame maybe?

    Not sure if the name on it is an ex racer or just some random graphics?
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    Wanted Hope Bulb Spares

    HI, I am after some hope bulb parts, either full 135 QR conversion kit, or end caps. Any one got any going? Cheers.
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    AMP research…interesting Good starting price especially if your local
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    Assortment of parts - Brakes, Hubs, stem, seatpost etc.

    Hi all, Selling a load of parts on ebay if anyone is interested. If you are interested in any of these parts then let me know and we can settle outside of ebay: Would like around £30 Would like around £60...
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    Wanted Rear hub - Preferably hope, 36 hole

    Hi all, after a new rear hub to replace a shoddy old LX hub. Prefereably hope, has to be sealed bearings, doesnt need to be disc mount, but does need to be 36 hole. If I was being picky, I would like it in blue to go with the rest of the colour scheme, however open to other colours such as black...
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    Experiances of On-One bikes

    Ive had a few On-One bikes in the past, my favourite being a 29er Inbred and prior to that a 45650, which was really good fun to ride. I found both of them to ride superbly with nice amount of flex, and even took the 45650 down 50 shades of black at UK Bike park. (pics below) What i wanted to...
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    On one Inbred - Some good parts

    Some nice X-lite parts on this Inbred..
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    SantaCruz (not) yes another one of those!!

    Found another moron trying his luck, can’t believe some peoples expectations
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    Cannondale Martin Ashton Trials Bike....£2,000!!!!!

    Im not sure what the guy is on trying to sell this for £2000, he is away with the fairys...
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    Cannondale M700 @ Eastbourne

    Found this bargain on eBay, shame I’m not closer otherwise I would snap it up. Worth it just for the middleburn cranks and manitou forks etc.
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    Planet X Jack Flash build

    I decided I wanted a trusty jump bike in the fleet as I miss a bit of jumping. I was originally after a Santa Cruz Chameleon in small, as a picture in an old 2001 MBUK mag got me hooked, however the Jack Flash popped up on eBay just down the road from me for cheap so though why not! Not sure of...
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    Wanted Marzocchi Z3/Z1 forks, bolt on brace era. QR preferably.

    Hi, I am after a set of Z3 or Z1 forks with the bolt on brace. I am keeping my eye on ebay, however has anyone got a set they are willing to part ways for on here? Not fussed on colour or condition as i will re-spray anyway. As long as they are working, and maybe need a service thats fine. Cheers.
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    So what’s happened to all the 27.2 dropper posts with a lever?

    About 5 years ago I purchased a KS dropper post with a lever rather than remote as it was an Xc/Commuter On-One Inbred 29er and I didn’t like the additional cables. Now trying to find another for my current ‘dale and cannot find them anywhere, they are all either internal or external remotes. I...