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  1. dandy1

    For Sale Bars Bars and even more Bars!

    I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of bars! So how about a tenner for each bar? Last three on list karma (just pay postage) I'd imagine postage depending on width will be royal mail medium parcel or hermes/evri at 5 or 6 quid.... If its cheaper I'll refund the difference Please don't get...
  2. dandy1

    Wanted Shimano saint M800 hub

    Anyone have one of these lying around? Or some spares? I'm in need of the 20mm axle bit, but would take a complete hub too Thanks
  3. dandy1

    Wanted Steel frame / bike

    Looking for a steel frame or bike to build up for a mate. I've probably enough parts lying around so would prefer a frame but open to the idea of a bike too. Ideally an 18" but could go down to 17" Rock lobster, marin, kona, orange etc It would probably need to be posted... Unless you're...
  4. dandy1

    For Sale Mavic XM321 Disc Wheelset / Saint Hubs + Rotors + Rear Mech

    These have come on a bike but I've switched over to something with hope hubs and a different rear mech. Rims are mavic XM321 Disc Hubs are shimano saint M800 9 speed freehub Front is 20mm bolt through Rear is something a bit different! It has a solid 10mm through axel. And apparently can only...
  5. dandy1

    For Sale Klein Mantra

    Another I'm not sure I want to sell.. So just testing the water. Build thread can be found here: Frame: 1998 klein mantra race in lovely koi Rear shock: fox rp3 (serviced recently) Fork: rockshox sid xc Wheels: mavic crossmax ceramic...
  6. dandy1

    For Sale Rockshox Pike Race Forks

    Set of Rockshox Pike forks from 2005 26" wheel Disc only Uturn 95-140 adjustable travel Motion control Rebound Maxle Steerer approx 218mm Forks have a few scratches on the lowers, stanchions looks pretty clean, although a bit of wear/coating come off at the lower end (see pics) Forks feel nice...
  7. dandy1

    Sold Fox F80x Terralogic Fork

    Had intended to keep these, but they've been sitting in the garage for a while and the steerer is unfortunately too short for the new build, so thought I'd stick them up for sale. I believe they're the 2005 model and these came on my old litespeed when I bought it. The story that came with the...
  8. dandy1

    For Sale Klein Quantum - purple haze - 11 speed ultegra - lots of hope

    I never thought this day would come! But car bills, months of statutory sick pay is starting to take its toll! I'm hoping some 'other' items sell first.. But thought I'd see if there was any interest as this is the bike that doesn't get ridden as much. I appreciate its not going to be everyone's...
  9. dandy1

    Rear mech help

    OK, this slightly more modern stuff is new to me! Normally with older set ups (7, 8, 9 speed) you get the upper jockey wheel up close to the small cog on the cassette. I've gone 10 speed on the rocky and this just doesn't look right. It's sitting too far away? I see newer derailleurs come with...
  10. dandy1

    For Sale Wheeeeels ALL NOW KARMA

    Edit: Before I take what's left to the local charity bike shop, anybody interested in whats left? All KARMA. Would prefer pick up or meeting locally as finding a box and packaging up is a pita. Although could be pursuaded with beer money 🙈 I'm about 10 mins from j23 on the m5 Wheel Clearout...
  11. dandy1

    Sold Intense Spider

    Pains me to stick this up for sale, but having been signed off work since the start of the year! Statutory pay is starting to hurt... And with a new project on the go, something has to go. This is one of the best full suss bikes I've ever ridden. Incredibly light and quick. Has fantastic...
  12. dandy1

    2005 Rocky Mountain Blizzard

    Start of a new build.. Have been after one of these for a while, and finally got one in my size..thanks whiskeytownracer 2005 (20th anniversary) Rocky Mountain Blizzard First job was to strip some parts off and then touch up any little chips. Thankfully black and white is pretty...
  13. dandy1

    Wanted Raceface evolve or deus

    Anyone got a raceface evolve or deus stem and handlebar? In black. Ideally the xc model in 31.8 but open to 25.4
  14. dandy1

    Marin Palisades

    Bit of a bargain
  15. dandy1

    Wanted Shimano xt 10 speed + Raceface headset

    After an XT 10 speed groupset (m780ish) Undecided whether I go 2x or single ring yet so open to either Rear mech (long cage) SORTED Crankset (black) single or 2X SORTED Shifters (one or both) SORTED Cassette SORTED Front mech (28.6) Also after a raceface headset (1 1/8 threadless) also in...
  16. dandy1

    Wanted Black 26.8 seatpost

    As title, after a black seatpost 26.8 Ideally in good condition Thomson, raceface etc What ya got Thanks
  17. dandy1

    Klein Mantra Race

    Thought it was about time I did a thread for my klein! Bought this beauty off of Pete (magpiegifts) It's a 98 klein mantra race First job... Get it in the stand Sourcing a m950 groupset was pretty hard! Change of fork and wheels put on
  18. dandy1

    Wanted Nice Hardtail

    I've got the hardtail itch again. After something nice, something different. Ideally needs to be 19" Ideally frame only as I'll build it with parts from another bike that I'll be stripping Can be v brake or disc, as something more modern isn't out of the question Either reynolds steel: 98...
  19. dandy1

    For Sale Hope Mini Disc Brake Set

    The start of a clear out! Hope Mini Disc Brake Set Black body with silver levers Silver no. 5 Calipers Front hose length approx 740mm Rear hoee length approx 1330mm These have come off my Gary Fisher sugar but as I tend to ride other bikes more its being stripped for parts. They've been sat...
  20. dandy1

    Fat Chance Yo Eddy

    Hi I've been offered the chance to buy a yo eddy and have no idea on what it's worth. The price offered seems reasonable, but there's not a lot to compare prices with as they don't pop up that often. I believe it's a 96 or 97...its the chameleon green fade, with a rock shox fork in matching...