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    Stolen! Bristol - Cove Stiffee 69er Rocky Mountain Altitude

    Re: Stolen! Bristol - Cove Stiffee 69er Rocky Mountain Altit Thanks for the heads up. He spoke to the seller, and it's definitely not the frame (wrong size and frame number). It's good to know that even after all this time, there's still a small chance of people spotting it. Makes you feel...
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    saracen killer pro (titanium) moutain bike - Bristol

    Good spot! Seems a bit over priced now
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    saracen killer pro (titanium) moutain bike - Bristol ... 27d032893d Are these sought after?
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    March BoTM 2012 - Vote NOW!!

    Wow! It's between the Ultimate and the FRO for me. Can't believe the attention to detail that Silverfish has gone into - absolutely superb! So it's the FRO for me :D
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    1995 Barracuda A2M

    :shock: Just took it for a quick spin around the block - haven't been on a retro bike for years - did we really ride that stretched out, and with such narrow bars (actually, I remember in the early 90's chopping my bars down as narrow as possible). Felt good though :D
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    1995 Barracuda A2M

    Hi, Ever since I sold my '94 Barracuda A2X a few years ago, I've seriously regretted it and so I've been on the look out to get another one. I found this '95 A2M frame last year on ebay for the princely sum of £8, and I have nearly finished it - it saw it's first bit of sunlight today. Needs...
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    The one and only "HOW MUCH IS MY xyz WORTH" thread

    Hi, Any ideas on value of this Proflex 955 frame and Girvin Vector 2 forks. Prefer to sell them as a set. I have the manuals and a few shims for the fork as well. They're well used, have numerous marks on them and the elastomers need changing. Cheers Mark
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    What model/year are these Hope hubs please?

    :shock: Cheers
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    What model/year are these Hope hubs please?

    Hi, Does anyone have an idea of what model these Hope hubs are, and also what year? Cheers Mark
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    What year did the Race Face XY post and SYStem stem.........

    ........ first come out? Are they suitable for a 1995 build?
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    Stolen! Bristol - Cove Stiffee 69er Rocky Mountain Altitude

    Unfortunately not - he's only insured for £500 per bike :cry: Big mistake on his part, but I think the loss of such a sentimental bike (the 69er) is much worse for him - I've never seen him on the verge of crying before I hope the thieving scum rot in hell :evil:
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    Stolen! Bristol - Cove Stiffee 69er Rocky Mountain Altitude

    Unfortunately, my friend had his garage broken into last night and the two below bikes stolen. He lives in Oldland Common, Bristol and the thieves bent the garage door out of shape (to get it over the garage door defender) and then ripped a wall anchor out of the wall (attaching the Altitude to...
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    Wanted: 93 or 94 Yeti Arc

    I’m looking for a complete Yeti ARC, from circa 93 94. I used to own a Barracuda A2X back then and did some racing, but when I visited a friend in the USA, I saw one of these in a shop and have wanted one ever since. Now I'm reaching the grand old age of 40, the time is right to start...
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    Whitening old brake lever hoods

    Could you post the results (hoods, not tiger tears)? I have a pair of Shimano 600 Ultegra white hoods that I tried to clean with neat washing up liquid, but they still look grubby...
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    Replacement brake lever hoods for 600ax levers?

    Hi, Does anybody know if you can get "modern" replacement brake lever hoods? I need a light blue pair for some Shimano 600ax levers (from 1984)? Cheers Mark
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    For sale - Amp Research F3XC suspension forks

    Sorry, now sold. Starting to regret it though.....
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    PM sent re shifters
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    Hi, if the M952 shifters are still available, I'll take them. Cheers