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  1. Nabeaquam

    Fixing a Victorian

    1898 Chicago Monarch, in production for only 7 years, 1892 1899. Bent frame from a crash. Junk jig to straighten the chain stay and a stuck welding rod to pull dents.
  2. Nabeaquam

    Removing an 1890s two piece crank.

    There are a lot of variation on this theme but the common thing is that they are hard to get apart. Here is how I got mine apart. The crank arm compression bolt with the scredriver slot was still rust frozen stuck after a two week submersion in penetrant. I used a filed and ground down drag...
  3. Nabeaquam

    Diamant GDR track bike project

    I got this frame and fork from the Bulgarian Bicycle Museum. Is there such a thing? The claim was that it belonged to former Bulgarian National Champion and Olympian Dimo Angelov T something, not sure of the last name. The tale was that they stripped this one to make a complete bike for the...
  4. Nabeaquam

    $68,100 current eBay bid

    Cook brothers BMX, 61 bidders, $61,100, reserve not met. You still have an hour to put your bid in.
  5. Nabeaquam

    Homemade wood rims

    If anyone is interested I can post the method I used to form these rims from outdoor stainable flexible marine epoxy. It’s formed around a standard alloy rim. No more worrying about the spoke tension getting soft as the nipple head washers sink into the wood. It’s a slow process as each coat has...
  6. Nabeaquam

    WWII C.T.C Gazette’s, The Official Organ of the Cyclists’ Touring Club

    I don’t know how to scan these, probably don’t have the technology handy. I bought an old repair manual and these three wartime magazines were stuffed in it. They are fragile as the newsprint is pushing 80. Here are a few shots.
  7. Nabeaquam

    French 4 speed OS gear?

  8. Nabeaquam

    Winter has arrived

    We’ve had snow cover starting November 2. The electricity went out yesterday. We’re having an early winter here in Michigan’s UP.
  9. Nabeaquam

    Happy November

  10. Nabeaquam

    Twelve hours of Road America

    Here is an interesting race concept. I don’t know if there are other races like this out there in other countries but I would be interested in finding this out. It’s a 12 hour bicycle road race on a 4 mile motor raceway with hills and right and left turns, not the typical American oval raceway...
  11. Nabeaquam

    First day of summer

    It’s warmer than it’s been.
  12. Nabeaquam

    Homemade trailer hitch work stand,

    I made this today from my junk stash. Here in the USA the most common hitch receiver sizes are 1 1/4 and 2 inches. I don’t know if it’s the same in the UK? I have a vehicle with both receiver sizes and a bicycle hitch hauler. This “T” I made fits them all. Cost was 0, but I had to order a bench...
  13. Nabeaquam

    Hack bike

    Bits from everywhere. Seven frames donated parts. Gob welds galore on seamless mild steel. Almost no chrome moly. I’ve been slowly working on this for years. Most of the time it hangs on my shop wall and I collect parts from bikes people give me. I threw the parts in a box. This winter I did an...
  14. Nabeaquam

    Pre WW2 Colson clunker

    Schwinn fork, Schwinn bolt on cantilever brakes, New Departure front hub, skip tooth, Morrow coaster brake, 5/8 inch cold rolled seat post, Velcro mounted bottle cage, vintage petrified grips, Schwinn stem, bear trap pedals and cut down vintage balooner bars. Yes, its raced. If I beat one person...
  15. Nabeaquam

    Claud Butler DSH

    I have already restored the original wheels, 303 mm front spokes and 1.8 and the double butting went up from the nipple about three inches. I had to have custom spokes made and I wire wrapped and soldered as original. I made a set of wood clinchers for convenience and to save the originals. My...
  16. Nabeaquam

    Greetings from le buisson

    We live remotely in the woods, middle of somewhere. I have been riding bicycles for 70 years, so that makes me up there. I have 7 mountain bikes from 1980 to present including a fatty and an all carbon home built beater. I have three very unique Klunkerz. I also have a vintage collection of road...