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  1. elite504

    NOS Tie Dye Ringle Hubs

    😲 Worth every penny. GLWTS
  2. elite504

    Front Mech Pulley for Yeti etc.

    I have a reproduction silver one. True to the original design with a bearing in the middle rather than a bush. £35. PM me if this would do the trick.
  3. elite504

    Wanted Answer A-Tac quill stem 1¼" 135mm zero degree rise with noodle

    And use a quill sleeve. I believe Jon Rock may have these if you get stuck.
  4. elite504

    Wanted Answer A-Tac quill stem 1¼" 135mm zero degree rise with noodle
  5. elite504

    Wanted Dura Ace 7410 Seat Post 27.2mm

    I have a 7410 on a 7400 equipped bike (27.2). I'd be willing to exchange my 7410 for a 7400 if anyone has one, or if you manage to find one of those Fraser.
  6. elite504

    Wanted 36H hubsets NOS (Mavic Gao Dakar, black XT 730/732, ...)

    NOS M73X XT hubs here. You may need to switch axles if the configuration isn't what you need:
  7. elite504

    Removing an 1890s two piece crank.

    Great thread! Keep it rolling!
  8. elite504

    Head tube reducers

    Shouldn't make any difference. (Simplified) a 1 1/4 cup is a 37.00mm shaft diameter, going into a 37.00mm headtube bore. A smaller cup with an adaptor should still result in a shaft diameter of 37.00mm pressing into your frame. If we were to split hairs and consider the minutiae of "tolerance...
  9. elite504

    Fake shimano chain?

    I think for the small saving to be made, supporting a proper branded retailer is sensible. Woolyhatshop were best value last time I purchased, but even CRC, Wiggle or even halfrauds.
  10. elite504

    Fake shimano chain?

    The pins on that do look a bit terrifying.... However (in response to some other posts), don't dismiss it as fake just because of a quick link. Shimano do supply them with some chains. This is the "SRAM"/ Quick-link type: And an HG-71 I...
  11. elite504

    KLEIN PINNACLE 1992 full XTR M900 groupset....

    Price actually seems very reasonable given the condition (immaculate). I imagine not posting is hurting it.
  12. elite504

    The History of The Yeti Ultimate

    Cool, thanks Nick/Mike
  13. elite504

    GT Edge Aero 1998-2000-ish?

    Excellent stuff. Where is the tunnel?
  14. elite504

    Controversial: show us your cargo bikes

    Well, that single spoke steering wheel looks a bit Citroen-y, so DS, Dyane? Good skills in committing to a cargo bike and using it properly for what it was intended for. Hopefully this will be an inspiration for many. Good luck with your shifter transplants
  15. elite504

    Sorted NOS Single Dark Anodised 32 hole Campagnolo Rim

    Atek: <<edit>> Rats, just spotted it's 36h
  16. elite504

    1987-88 Yeti FRO - Local Find!

    Lovely. Love the long stem. Yeti fork, BMX headset, simplex dropout. Perfection.
  17. elite504

    Jeff Stanton Yeti ARC

    Very tasty, early straight stay ARC. Wonderful.
  18. elite504

    New tool

    I use one of these. Brilliant. I don't know whay I didn't get one before. Much quicker than lots of screwing. I made a little bush for the landle end so it spins in my palm a bit more nicely...
  19. elite504

    Dura ace TL-RD10 Hanger tool….help

    Doesn't necessarily need a ruler. Many variants of the tool just use a pointer. I don't recall there being anything particular about the rule. Just measure the width of the locating slot and procure a 6" steel rule that will fit. The Facom one at around £1.50 is a beaut and cheap (and...
  20. elite504

    126mm rear hub help please.

    NOS M730 with the grease ports, in 130mm flavour, here: