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    Wanted Wanted Michelin or Hutchinson tyres

    Looking for some 26inch tyres, red Michelin hot s tyres in 2.1 size. Must be in good nick. Also some Hutchinson tyres of some sort, don’t really know much about the models as I’ve never owned any but would like some in yellow. Open to suggestions if you have something drop me a message. Cheers...
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    Wanted Sram xo

    Looking for a short cage Sram xo rear mech, wouldn’t mind gold or red cage should be in decent condition please. Also matching rear 9 speed shifter also. Drop me a message and picture if you’ve got anything. Ta Chuck
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    Wanted Salsa lip lock seat clamp and skewers

    Looking for a Salsa lip lock seat post clamp in green and orange in 30.0mm diameter. Cant seem to find new ones or only the quick release version! Also some skewers, in red/orange/gold but must be in decent condition! Edit: Need 30.0 in Red also please! Ta Chuck
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    Wanted Race face xy layback seatpost

    After a Race face xy layback seatpost, 27.2 diameter. Any condition considered as I’ll probably cut it down anyways! Ta Chuck
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    Wanted Chris king

    Looking for some Chris king classic hubs or single speed in Mango/orange, anything considered as I don’t have rims yet! Cheers Chuck
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    Wanted Hope hubs/skewers

    Looking for a pair of Hope ti glides in blue, ideally 36 hole as I already have a nice set of Mavic rims to built them up with! Also looking for matching Hope blue skewers, the older style with embossed lettering!
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    Wanted Avid mag brake set

    Looking for a nice set of Avid mag v-brakes in the copper/orange colour!
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    Wanted 27.2 dropper post wanted

    Anyone got a Thomson 27.2 dropper post for sale at all? Anything considered! Ta Chuck
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    Wanted Raceface or wtb headset in red or yellow ta

    As above, wanting a red but would consider yellow Receface or wtb headset, ideally it wants to be powder coated not ano and in decent condition please! Cheers Chuck
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    Wanted 121 d521 Mavic rims

    Looking for a pair of 121 cd 32 hole Mavic rims with the red decals, think they were the slightly later version than the blue decal version. In a dream scenario they’d be nos/mint and ceramic but I know that’s probably a big ask! Should make a nice build on the red Hope Ti glide non disc hubs I...
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    King front hub please!

    Just picked up a rear king turquoise classic hub! Just need a front non dis classic to match! Let me know if you got anything! Cheers Charlie
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    Wanted old trials frame please!

    Anything considered, would love an old Ivory pashley but essentially need something to keep me busy in lockdown! Cheers Chuck.
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    Wanted Raceface cranks, Chris king hub/headset, magura, Xtr!

    Edit 22/10/2021 So so so, the sour apple king Classics did come my way eventually so a big thanks to Mike. Fingers crossed he can get the hubs he’s after too! The only problem, those hubs were never on my list which means I now like a matching king headset in Sour apple! So if anyone has one...
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    Xtr m952 & Raceface cranks wanted please!

    Wanted XTR M952 cranks, ideally just the arms and lockring as I’m wanting to find a compact 5 arm spider to use a bash guard and 22 tooth ring! Also some Raceface turbine lp or next lps ideally in powder coated red but would consider other colours! Again compact to run a bash guard for my Norco...
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    Wanted trials bike

    So like about a million people on here, you kick yourself at the parts/bikes you sold for a song which are now a fortune or as rare as rocking horse shit! I sold my trials bike around the time I attempted to “grow” up! Finally I’ve realised growing up is rubbish and somewhat unnecessary...
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    Wanted Mavic rims!

    So I’m trying to complete a few builds and need a few rims! Quite rare but I’m after a pair Mavic d521 in cd grey finish, 32 hole and ideally ceramic but I’m aware I might have to compromise with just cd. I could make use of a pair in 36. Could also use a 517 cd grey ceramic to replace a...
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    Any retro trials frames

    So I’m looking for some retro trials projects! I’m looking for Giant, pashley or Cannondale but anything considered! Just looking to see what’s out there and keep busy in the lockdown!
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    Wanted king hubs

    So I’m looking for a 2 hubs to complete a couple of builds, Rear king classic or single speed rear hub in green, ideally 36 but would soon find another rim if needed! Rear turquoise ISO disc hub, could also be single speed. Again 36 would be perfect as I have a rim already but I know these...
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    Wanted- Raceface cranks and green Maggies

    So, I’m building a 94 Cannondale killer in red and fancy some Raceface turbines or next lps for the build! All colours considered! I’m also after a pair of green Magurs, ideally the original Hs33 levers but would consider the newer style lever also. These are for my Pashley trials bike! Ta Chuck.
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    Cannondale Carbon Rush, mint never used off road!!!!!!!

    Hi, this is my brothers Cannondale Rush. Originally one of my mates who only got it as I had a Rush, he fitted it with slicks to get fit with the intention of using off road with me when I go to Wales etc. He never got fit and never used it off road. So my bro brought off him and also only...