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  1. elite504

    NOS Ringle Supereight // NOS NIP 1992 Syncros Cattleprod, at 99p
  2. elite504

    NOS XT, Velociraptors, Smoke, Dart etc

    Some lovely NOS XT: NOS WTB tyres (and rollercams!): NOS Smoke, Dart etc: General haven for NOS retro kit.
  3. elite504

    Dura ace 7400 headset (HP7400, not 7410)

    As per the description, regular thread, not French or Swiss or anything. For a rider so doesn't have to be NOS. For a rider so "not pitted" is paramount.
  4. elite504

    Grello Not-zooka ... fresh=true
  5. elite504

    Karma: Small Claud Butler Aluminium fuselage

    **Free for collection only** Folks, I have bee doing a job for a guy at work making one good bike from two, which has left me with a Claud Butler Fuselage. It looks like this one: ... 4.jpg.html The catalogue linked above is 1995, but I guess the one I...
  6. elite504

    Tomato's feedback

    Perfect transaction. All good. Tomato is always welcome with me!
  7. elite504

    Braided cable? Super-flexy cable?

    I wonder if I may call upon the collective knowledge. I'm building a machine at the moment, that has a very small stem roller. This is key to the build, and I won't be changing it. However, I know from using one of these stems before, it kills front brake cables very quickly.... The only...
  8. elite504

    M730 32h Front hub (silver), rider quality

    Doesn't have to be NOS, just an honest serviceable M730 front hub. For a work-horse, so the grease-ports are genuinely useful. What have y'all got?
  9. elite504

    28.6 endless band, band <sorted>

    Anyone have a 28.6 endless band that they can sell me? It's for a M730/732.735 f/mech. Have the mech, need the band! Or sell me a mach so I can nick the band?
  10. elite504

    Cheap S suspension fork 1 1/8" x 250mm DISC mounts

    Helping a pal with a karma Marin Bolinas Ridge. It has a terrible Spinner fork that has rusted solid, so needs replacing. 1 1/8", x a long 250mm steerer is what I need, and it's for a later rig with disc brakes. Anyone got a fork they can help me with? Perhaps a Manitou as I have plenty of...
  11. elite504

    Campagnolo Omega 19 Hardox 32h yellow/ white striped label.

    As per the title, I need one Campagnolo Omega 19 Hardox 32h rim, with the later "yellow stripes over the white background" label. Not the earlier all yellow label. Just the one rim required. I may be happy to take a pair, or a complete wheel, if that's that I need to do. 32h CLINCHER. Not tubular.
  12. elite504

    Sofa laptop

    Guys, those that know me will know that I know jack about this sort of thing. I am a Victorian born in the wrong era. Our Mac laptop has gone pop. Died. And already sold on. I need a new (new-to-me) sofa-browsing laptop, that the banner ads on RB won't slow to a crawl, will deal with ebay just...
  13. elite504

    NOS Kingsbery / American classic... WHITE!!!

    Lush ... fresh=true
  14. elite504

    Bit of 600 Arabesque / Pantograph / Nuovo record

    Shady seller ;-) ... 7675.l2562
  15. elite504

    Last few NOS Ringle bits (Hub/ collars)

    Shady seller ;-) ... 7675.l2562
  16. elite504

    31.8 WTB Seatpost (Cunningham grafted together type)

    Shady seller ;-) ... RK:MESE:IT
  17. elite504

    HOPE Team Green Brake Bore Caps

    3 x HOPE team green bore caps. A large and a small from an M4 evo front brake A small from a Race X2 rear brake. Excellent condition, no scratches. £30 posted anywhere.
  18. elite504

    misquote feedback

    All good here! Always welcome! 8)
  19. elite504

    RX100 170mm R/H crank arm (FC-A551)

    As per the title, I have a bent spider on a particular machine that I'm trying to keep to spec, even though it's not high-brow. Happy to take complete cranks etc if easier, but only really needing the R/H, due to a bent spider on the one I have. Hope you can help!
  20. elite504

    M-Power Feedback

    Great polite comms, swift payment- no problems here!