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  1. wynne

    For Sale MRP Stage 29er fork 170mm travel

    This is MRP's well respected and very capable Stage 29er fork. It's got their excellent Ramp cartridge. Travel is adjustable with easy to install internal spacers. Currently it is set up at 120mm travel. It's in very good working order and cosmetic condition. Tapered steerer is 167mm long. After...
  2. wynne

    For Sale YETI FRO 19" (centre to top) frame

    Got my nice 19" Yeti FRO 2004 frame for sale. Actually lighter than the ARC. I believe it's the lightest alloy hardtail Yeti ever made. It's in great condition, just a few small scratches and a bit of tyre rub on the inside of the chainstay. There's also a flake of paint missing at the top of...
  3. wynne

    1x10 Campagnolo Sram hybrid drivechain

    This is a known thing, but i thought i would share my experience. I like 1x drivechains. When i used to race cross i was a great fan of them as they tended not to clog up so much in the mud. I now run them on my road and mountain bikes as well. Anyways, i am still a huge fan of campag 10 speed...
  4. wynne

    For Sale Shimano 10 speed cassettes, Dura Ace and 105

    I've got two cassettes that i haven't used for a long time. Both are 12-25 ratio. I took them off my bikes to replace with slightly wider ratios. The 105 cassette is in excellent condition. The Dura Ace cassette has a few more miles on it, but still in good condition and there were no issues...
  5. wynne

    Kit that makes you smile

    Thirty years old, worn countless times for club rides and commuting over those years. Still going strong apart from right arm looks like it's been attacked by a bear. Fell off on an icy descent of holme moss in the snow somewhere around 2005. Wearing it to commute today - still makes me smile...
  6. wynne

    Chickens Frame Emporium 29er

    Some time in July last year i had a big crash on my Chickens 29er. An ambitious bit of riding just went quite wrong and i ended going from 40mph to 0mph in 3 seconds according to Strava as i clipped a very sturdy gatepost. Anyway my frame ended up like this.
  7. wynne

    For Sale Three forks sake! On One, Pro carbon and Salsa. All 1 1/8" disc.

    Afternoon all I'm having a bit of a cull from the loft before the ceiling collapses. There is more up there than i remembered... Four forks sale. Bontrager Race 440mm a-c alloy version, straight steerer 171mm long, quick release. A little tatty but in great structural shape. Really nice riding...
  8. wynne

    For Sale Pair of Hope Pro2 Evo 32h hubs

    I had these built up on a pair of 650b wheels, but the bike build has taken a different direction so... i am selling a pair of 32 hole, 40t engagement Hope Pro 2 Evo hubs. They are also Santa Cruz branded. The colour is like a very dark gun metal - nearly black. I've tried to show this in the...
  9. wynne

    For Sale Time VXR 52cm tt poss Paolo Bettini

    Hello All I bought this off a fellow retrobiker. I love it and I love riding it, but I don't ride it very often. Having got married about 18 months ago and moved into a house with my wife and two children I don't have a lot of room to store many bikes any more in a way that makes easy to get at...
  10. wynne

    TIM GOULD'S old cx frame. TIM GOULD! Not my frame. I know this should probably be in the road section, but thought there might be more Tim...
  11. wynne

    For Sale Charge Fat Bike with extra XC mullet wheels...

    Afternoon folks A friend has asked me to sell his fat bike for him. It's a Charge aluminium frame with rigid steel fork. It's got 2x10 Sram X5 gearing and Shimano disc brakes. It's a bit tatty but in good working order. The seat tube measures 49cm (19") centre of the bb to top and the top tube...
  12. wynne

    For Sale XT 10 speed cassette 11-32

    Excellent condition XT cassette, fewer than 50 miles on it. I've gone to 11. One more, possibly not one better. £40 posted in UK. Rich
  13. wynne

    Wanted Marzocchi adjuster knob

    For one of these please. Pretty please. Thank you Rich
  14. wynne

    Wanted Pink

    Mainly a nice 1 1/8" headset, but could be interested in any other pink finishing kit. What have you? More baby pink than neon. Thanks Rich
  15. wynne

    Wanted Campag 11 tooth 11speed cog

    Need a bit more top end. Just the single cog, in the unlikely event that anyone has one knocking around. Thanks Rich
  16. wynne

    Wanted Yeti fork stickers

    Hello Has anyone got a pair of fork stickers with the Y E T I arranged thus? Repro fine, probably black or white would suit best. Thanks Rich
  17. wynne

    Sold Hayes 22mm mount brakeset

    Hello I've taken these off my old spooky. They were working fine until i took them off the bike. They will need a bleed and hose re-attaching with an olive (supplied). The rear caliper is in good shape and the pistons move freely and retract as they should. The front caliper has corrosion as do...
  18. wynne

    Hayes 22mm to flat mount brake adapters

    It dawned on me the other day that i could probably fit one of the new Hope x2 flat mount calipers on the 22mm Hayes mounts on my old Spooky. Anyway after a bit of internet research, it turns out that i'm by no means the first person to consider this and that it is physically, totally possible...
  19. wynne

    Sold Dedacciai fire cross frameset 545mm tt

    This is a fairly unusual frame, hand made in Italy for Cyclefit, London for their own brand, Boxer, early in the 2000s. It's made from Dedacciai Fire alloy tubes and comes with a Columbus Tusk carbon/alloy fork and FSA headset. I love the paintjob. It's a bike that gets loads of comments. It...
  20. wynne

    SORTED Self-extracting m8 crank bolts for my old middleburns

    Anything really please, don't have to be boutique, any colour, even mismatched as long as they're in good shape. Thank you Rich