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  1. Augustus

    A bike of firsts - '92 Marin Team Issue

    Lovely memories of that Courier. That one i.i.r.c, is an '87 (lugged) with the '88 decals. I saw a couple of those at the time before the '88 purple/ white fade one came out. Very nice.
  2. Augustus

    Litespeed Ocoee 1995 - Gravel conversion.

    That just looks right. Good job. :-) Really nice Grav conversion (although imo, Grav is essentially mountain biking before the comfort years).
  3. Augustus

    This 1994 Kona "Explosif" nedeed some love.

    I'm not sure bike design didn't peak with the '94 Explosif. Quite lovely.
  4. Augustus

    1993 Fat Chance Titanium.

    Just beautiful.
  5. Augustus

    All things Canadian.....

    Quite lovely.
  6. Augustus

    1980s Muddy Fox Courier

    Lovely. My first MTB. Pretty sure that's an '87 though. Have fun with the restoration
  7. Augustus

    The mustard machine - Saracen Trekker 87

    Lovely. My second MTB was an '88 Trekker with the same U brake configuration.
  8. Augustus

    1986 Specialized Rockhopper

    And I think the first year of the Rockhopper Comp was 1988. The Stumpjumper had multiple models in '87 though.
  9. Augustus

    1986 Specialized Rockhopper

    It could well be a 1986 model. It has the graphics of an '87 but without the small 'Specialized' on the top tube. There were thin lines that ran either side of the writing too, but those can be seen on the head tube decal.And the '87 graphics may well have been the same as the '86 anyway, I...
  10. Augustus

    DT Hugi Swiss Made Hubs

    I have nothing but praise for my various Hugi and 240 hubs. Always worked well and were simple and reliable.
  11. Augustus

    1992 Klein Adroit

    Absolutely lovely. While I'm not into amber walled tyres on modern bikes, when the pics started showing that with them, it made it just perfect to me.
  12. Augustus

    1988 Specialized Rockhopper Comp

    Perhaps 'The' year.:cool:
  13. Augustus

    1990 Fat Chance YoEddy

    As ever Pierre, class.
  14. Augustus


    A great colour that year, one half of the Stumpy's Dinucci green/ magenta pink colourway. Really nice bike.
  15. Augustus

    Snaps from the Bianchi Factory

    Just found these on an old hard drive from a visit to Bianchi a few years ago that I was told I wasn't allowed to photograph for my Belgian journalist, after we got there.
  16. Augustus

    Cannondale SM2000 -1990

    Quite lovely.
  17. Augustus

    Brexit and shipping to EU

    Agreed. And even just posting gifts now causes so much hassle compared to even sending to the USA. Where are you in rural France out of interest. Me too.
  18. Augustus

    1989 Specialized Stumpjumper

    Good grief. What i would have done for that in 1989. I remember falling for the '87 range in Evans Kingston, then the '88 in this colour (magenta pink / Dinucci green) coming out and that being the holy grail to an '87 Muddy Fox'd me. Quite Lovely.
  19. Augustus

    Cannondale M800

    Utterly lovely.
  20. Augustus

    Buying From France post Brexit.

    Living in France and buying much online, I can say with experience, even the better couriers like DPD or UPS are fine until the item arrives in a French depot. Then it goes wrong literally every time. My Moots came from Steamboat Springs in Colorado fine, until it got to the local UPS depot...