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  1. steviebexplosif

    Sorted Proshift black front

    I love love love that black pauls obi..... I too on the look out for precision.... But that's so nice. It would suit a very special build I'm doing
  2. steviebexplosif

    Sorted Proshift black front

    Me too
  3. steviebexplosif

    HED rims !

    I remember
  4. steviebexplosif

    Sold lovely gt rts frame sale or trade/px

    I'd be interested
  5. steviebexplosif

    Wanted Rare and collectable

    hi everyone..... Not strictly bikes but I'm looking for a camper, I got some very collectable bikes I might be willing to swap trade etcetcetc.... strictly interested in anything. Not just vw. I know there out there... Used for biking adventures. Any ideas I'm in the mids
  6. steviebexplosif

    SOLD...—— Paul Component Front Derailleur + Paul spare parts

    I'm still looking and for a camper
  7. steviebexplosif

    Hmmmmmm I was considering putting my Mavic crossmax 26 disc too..... So if there not available...

    Hmmmmmm I was considering putting my Mavic crossmax 26 disc too..... So if there not available mine could be. But I was thinking 290. Bear it in mind I'm in the mids....
  8. steviebexplosif

    Lightweight rd

    Or you looking for anything
  9. steviebexplosif

    For Sale LightWeight Carbon Rear Mech

    Nice..... I like it. Hmmmm. Trying to think a set up I could use...... Nice nice to have a chat about it
  10. steviebexplosif

    Lightweight rd

    You got any pics
  11. steviebexplosif

    Lightweight rd

  12. steviebexplosif

    Black fr derailieur

  13. steviebexplosif

    Wanted Pauls prescision etc etc

    Paul's precision Joe's ....... Etc front mech. Help I've been waiting a long time
  14. steviebexplosif

    Wanted Kalloy

    Purple kalloy Uno seat post 350/420
  15. steviebexplosif

    Trimble in Wales

    Re: How late in the run did they introduce........ The cable guide on the drop out......... And how many were produced do we think without cable guide.
  16. steviebexplosif

    Trimble expert wanted

    Re: Ooooops seems already spotted...... And undone unravelled unpicked
  17. steviebexplosif

    Trimble in Wales

    So wrong in its present form
  18. steviebexplosif

    Trimble in Wales

    Re: Realistically what price we putting on it and what price prototype ..........
  19. steviebexplosif

    Trimble in Wales

    Re: So..................