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    Wanted Wanted - Muddy Fox Alu Pro - Size Large - To suit 1 1/4" steerer diameter forks

    Hello As per my thread title I'm looking for a Muddy Fox Alu Pro frame or complete bike, size large. The frame needs to suit 1 1/4" steerer diameter forks. Thanks, Richard
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    Request for info about MTB frames to suit 1 1/4" steerer diameter forks?

    Hello All Back in the 90s I had a Muddy Fox Alu Pro fitted with lovely rigid steel forks with a 1 1/4" diameter steerer. Unfortunately I cracked the frame and rather than getting it repaired I took it to the local tip, (and all these years later I'm still irritated with myself for not keeping...
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    Question about Bottom Bracket Choices, (68X118 Shimano UN55 difficult to find)

    Hello all Please can I ask what bottom brackets people recommend these days? I need a 68X118 square taper BB and my favoured BB is the Shimano UN55. Unfortunately I can't find any suppliers with the 68X118 size in stock. I'll be happy to read any advice about a BB that's equivalent or better...
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    Question about Bolts for Shimano XTR V Brakes (M951)

    Hello All I'm sure most people know that the securing bolts for Shimano XTR V brakes (M951 etc.) are almost impossible to find if you don't already have them. You can't use regular 6mm Allen bolts as the heads of these bolts are too big to give clearance to the cam and rod mechanism on the V...
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    Advice about 7 speed cassettes please

    Hello all I have a 1990s Marin Muirwoods and I need a new 7 speed cassette, (I want to stick with 7 speed as I like the Shimano shifter I have and I want to keep the bike fairly original). My question is would the Shimano CS-HG41 7 Speed Acera Cassette from Tredz be a good choice for a...
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    Question about Exotic UD rigid carbon forks

    Please can forum members who have Exotic UD carbon rigid forks help me out with a question: I've got some Exotic rigid carbon forks on one of my bikes and they've been great. I'm going to buy another Exotic rigid carbon fork for another bike and I'm thinking about buying the forks with the UD...
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    Recommendations for top quality Quill Stem Adapter please

    Hello All I'm looking to buy a top quality quill stem adapter so I can use a modern stem and handlebar combo on my Marin. Please can you give me recommendations for a good quality 25.4mm / 1 inch diameter aluminium quill stem adapter to buy? I'm wary of buying some made in China junk via eBay...