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    Help Identify Mid 90's Rocky Mountain Frame

    I purchased this 20" frame as part of a lot sale from an older gentleman. He said it was a mid 90's Blizzard frame he never had the time to restore. It was repainted with fresh decals applied - thus I am not certain if it was a Blizzard. Looking at the '96 RM catalog, it resembles an Equipe...
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    1999 Cannondale F700??

    I cannot for the life of me find any information about this F700 for sale (in Canada) anywhere. The drivetrain, paint job, decals etc. are similar in spec to a 1999 F700. In the US catalog, the '99 F700 has a traditional single top-tube frame. The '99 KV700 has a similar double top-tube frame...
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    1995-1996 Manitou Mach 5 Recall

    I recently acquired a '95/'96 Manitou Mach 5, and found out it had been recalled. Apparently a small percentage (unknown #) of the forks were prone to cracking causing immediate separation of the wheel from the fork. 1. Does anyone have any experience with these forks, and should I be hesitant...
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    Is this frame made by Orange Bikes, or Marin??

    I bought this frame on eBay thinking it was a 1995 Marin Indian Fire Trail, as advertised. After close inspection, I believe it could be made by Orange Bikes. The first clue is the cable stops on the top tube. My frame has 3 stops on the top tube (drive-side) and 0 on the bottom tube. Marin...