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  1. markoc

    A different kind of deerhead. Mark does art…

    So, inspired by something I saw hanging on the wall on a little pub in Wye I decided to get a bit Blue Peter and make something for the man cave. Technical skills are pretty close to non existent, so this was going to be fun. A quick trip to eBay saw a tenners worth of dead bar ends arrive...
  2. markoc

    Sorted Onza or xlite ski bends

    Looking for some ski bends to put on a turbo trainer bike for a different riding position. Silver/black onza, or silver/blue xlite. Not looking to spend silly money so would be happy with something functional as long as they aren’t scratched to hell and back. WHYG?
  3. markoc

    1998 P7 - Retro British Kit Build SS

    This is my 1997 date stamped, but 1998 model year Orange P7. In the next few posts I’ll put some commentary of the journey we've been on, and that has seen the completion of this incarnation. Spoiler alert: It isn’t period correct, it has a modern respray and decals - and it’s (yawn) another...
  4. markoc

    Animal 042 Future Series Titanium Edition

    Digging around and found my old watch from about 2000, which I bought from a surf shop in Southampton. At the time I was a graduate in my first job and seem to remember spending quite a bit of my first pay packet on it - but have no recollection of how much. I seem to remember it being a...
  5. markoc

    Wanted USE Carbon Bottle Cage

    Looking for a USE Carbon Bottle cage - the one that has the shaping of the USE logo. WHYG?
  6. markoc

    XTR v’s - cable tightening bolt. Bottom or top?

    Quick Q - not had XTR v’s before , and they don’t have the little tab that XT’s do to hold the cable to the top of the RHS arm. Do I route above or below. Gone below in the pic and tried to get as much cable between the washer and the arm… Whereas the XT’s have a shaped bit to help hold...
  7. markoc

    1989 Saracen Traverse - eBay - mint

    Starting bid might be a little off-putting as is the postage, but this is a time warp! Not sure if this is on the money or not, but it’s certainly a pretty little thing...
  8. markoc

    Sorted Retro saddle - cheap

    Looking for a retro saddle for an arty thing I’m trying. Needs to be cheap as chips and I’ll happily pay postage - something OE and undesirable but in decent shape. A bit of wear is fine but no rips. Won’t be going anywhere near a bike. Got something in a parts bin and willing to stick it...
  9. markoc

    Wanted RTS - rear brake rocker / cracked frame / rear end

    I need a rocker for an RTS. Anyone got one lying around having switched to something other than cantis? If it was with the bolt etc then that would be dreamy… Happy to consider buying a cracked rear end/frame - really want to run cantis rather than v’s or hydraulics with this build
  10. markoc

    Huge Cannondale M500 ebay I’ve seen smaller farm gates, and it’s wearing some modern low end stuff but ‘cor ain’t that a pretty frame. Not mine
  11. markoc

    Wanted Desperately Seeking a Shim! 26.8 > 29.6

    I can't find a 26.8 to 29.6 shim anywhere. Its for a USE post to go into a clockwork frame. Am trawling the web but wondering if it actually even exists. Any help gratefully received, and if anyone has one they are willing to part with then please let me know. Thanks Mark
  12. markoc

    USE Sub anti dive - eBay

    This has to be someone on here surely? Can’t remember what year so might be in the wrong section but these don’t come up very often
  13. markoc

    Orange Crush - Crawley - £145 - Carbon forks

    Looks like a lot of kit for £145. Carbon rigid forks, Hope brakes, XT and Crank Bros wheels. Easton stem/post. Not mine
  14. markoc

    Orange head tube / wishbone foils (1997/8)

    These were carefully removed from my p7 prior to it being resprayed. Wondering if they have any value.
  15. markoc

    Facebook - Muirwoods with Halson Inversion?

    Awful pics but looks like it could have a Halson Inversion fork - sharing in case anyone fancies a £100 punt or is local enough to have a nosey. Rochester. Not mine
  16. markoc

    Facebook - Proflex 8XX - tatty £30

    Not mine and a weird listing, but got to be worth £30 Romford
  17. markoc

    Pace RC35 MXC - Ebay [mine]

    I posted a “what are these worth” a few weeks back. No comments so they are now on eBay as they don’t go on any current builds. One inch steerer. 145mm. Need elastomers (don’t they all) and a couple of bolts for one of the arches...
  18. markoc

    Pace RC35 MXC - 1in threaded

    I've got a set of Pace RC35 MXC that I'm not going to use. At least I think they are MXC because the "D" looks to have had some form of adjuster on the top of the fork leg. No idea what they are worth, and want to pop them up on here for a fair price - if they don't go, then ebay it is. To be...
  19. markoc

    Drill modding for polishing - protect me from the stupid

    Parental supervision/guidance required… As a 42 year old I am not averse to making some really dumb decisions that involve power tools. So I’ll put this out there and hopefully RB can protect me from my own stupid - or nurture a great idea. Thinking of tightly zip tying a spontex pad...
  20. markoc

    For Sale M565 Cantis F&R £20

    Set of M565 Cantis - a few scratches but in good working order. With pads (budget looking I'm afraid) and bolts (one inexplicably sawn off, but tidily done). Haven't done anything other than give thema good rub over, but a quick bit of autosol and a spontex and I'm sure they'd look fab. £20...