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    Sold Ringle bottle cage Turquoise For Sale

    Hi. Can i have this please. Could you send me your pp address. Ta Rach
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    For Sale Pace frames, forks, 27.5 wheels and Rockshox forks now on ebay

    Evening. Might be interested in the rc 39's. Any pics? Ta
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    Boone Cranks

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    For Sale Airborne Corsair Ti (16") with Pace Proclass II forks and bits

    Hi, I am very interested in your frame package, could I possibly have dibs on this & send you a pm? Thanks
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    17" Rock Lobster Team Ti frame, carbon forks, Chris King

    Nice, sending you a pm. Rachael
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    Moosey Moose's "Pipmeister" 1995 Kona Kula - Updated

    Was fine for spinning up the road, but will drop it a bit when I need to hack off road through the glupe!
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    Moosey Moose's "Pipmeister" 1995 Kona Kula - Updated

    Re: Yep. Ti bars, stem & seatpost, with a splash of ti bolts here & there.
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    **SOLD**Pace RC36 beauty forks *Just Serviced*

    Re: Definately keep them!
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    Ratbanes Feedback

    Excellent Retrobiker! Bought a Blast which was well packed & arrived quickly. Great communication too ! Thanks Rachael.
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    Kona Blast 16" Frame SOLD

    Re: Kona Blast 16" Frame Hi. Interested. Will send pm. Rachael.
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    USE seatpost cradle (the top bit)

    Hi I'm looking for the top seatpost clamp bit for a old USE seatpost, the cradle bit in particular. Does anyone have a spare they are willing to part with or suggestions for a replacement? Any colour will be fine. Thanks.
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    Tubular tyres - all new never fitted, glued or taped

    Yes sorry the valves. What do you recommend tyre wise from what you have, need to be light. I have the corsa evo cx 21-28 & a crono evo cs 20-28 on the back. Would like a nice fast light matching pair of tyres. Thanks for your help. Rachael.
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    Tubular tyres - all new never fitted, glued or taped

    Re: Hi, could you tell me what are the lengths of the tubular tyres, I have deep section 58mm so will they fit or do I need valve extensions. Ta.
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    7900 shifters

    Re: Evening. Was actually after the left & right sti units. What price are you asking for the front & rear shifters? Thanks Rachael.
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    7900 shifters

    Hi, looking for some 10 speed 7900 dura ace shifters, must be good condition. Anyone got some they would like to sell me? Ta. Rachael.
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    Chris king green headset

    Re: Titanium riser bar 700mm + Chris king green inset hset PM sent regarding bars.