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    Wanted Kona Project 2 suspension corrected

    Hi, Looking to put a rigid fork on a 2005 explosif. Seems the best option is for a suspension corrected P2. Does anyone have one knocking around?
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    Unusual Dyna-Tech

    Picked this up locally last night and thought I’d share on here as it’s an unusual one. Raleigh Special Products Genuine original dyna-tech racing branding but Raleigh Optima tubing! Serial number has an E prefix which puts it about 1994/5 I think. Mix of stx rc, Shimano XT, shimano SRT300i...
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    Team Fat Chance - bargain

    Going to be cheap this one……..😉
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    1989 Saracen Conquest - Does one exist?

    As the title really….you know the 89/90 range with the hacienda style race graphics. I’ve seen all the others in the range but never the black conquest. Does one exist?
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    FW Evans 531 ATB

    Just thought I’d share this... It gets ridden every few days cruising up and down the coast. Love it. The 89 Kili hasn’t been out since it arrived in the shed.
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    Bullmoose and unicrown? 80’s mystery

    These are all the pictures I have. Anyone have any idea what it could be? Kinda got the multicolours of a Yates, the bullmoose of a diamond back, a sprung saddle and a Citroen head badge?? Bits of this, bits of that?
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    Geoffrey Butler

    Hi all, Does anyone know about Geoffrey Butler mtb’s? Never seen one before. Guessing they didn’t make their own frames. I know some of their road bikes are popular. Here’s the only pic I can find of one
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    Saracen Conquest

    I’m looking for a Saracen conquest if anyone has one they’re thinking of selling or maybe knows someone who it.
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    Help identify mystery bike

    This is all I’ve got to go on. Any ideas? Pretty sure it’s not a voodoo with those canti’s and rear bridge cable stop. Those bridge stops are on a few British bikes from the late 80’s. The top cable routing reminds me of Oranges. Any ideas?
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    RTS Swap

    Have a 16in RTS which is too small for me at 16” Anyone interested in a swap? Something steel, something 18in, something retro?