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  1. Thias

    Tribute to my very first Mountainbike, a Wheeler 313

    The wheeler got to see the world a little more. It got a fresh set of tires and went to a classic bike meet near Lübeck. Unofficial neon contest. :lol: I took 3 more bikes with me to show them. The Specialized fsr, the rat Klein and the Scott Unitrack dh. We also visited the biggest bike...
  2. Thias

    Found that annoying little creak today

    Judging by the clean crack surfaces this did not form slowly. There was no time for debris or oil to settle.
  3. Thias

    Mystery and unidentified parts thread

    I think, this might be a Rewel. I think they made a titanium as well s a steel version. Here is a link to a recent listing.
  4. Thias

    Rat Klein pinnacle build - Selfmade parts content!

    As I'm getting ready for a little mtb meet in Lübeck I want to attend, I have to get the bike ready. Last time I was fiddling with the bike, I found a crack in the seat tube an I had to look into that problem. Turns out the seat post I had used was a little bit to small in diameter. And while...
  5. Thias

    Ricker's '91 Epic Ultimate

    They are called slightly differently though. Epic vs. Epic Ultimate. (And then there is the "bike spyder" rebranded ones...)
  6. Thias

    A grovel bike.....fastest build thread in the west!

    I've been thinking since yesterday. Of a polite way to describe what I'm thinking about all this.. Nothing came to mind. :LOL: I agree on that part: 10/10 for not giving a damn ✌️ Edit: As I'm not a native speaker, is that "grovel" in the title an intensional misspel? I wasn't familiar with...
  7. Thias

    Ricker's '91 Epic Ultimate

    Damn. Bucket list bike for me. Pulling up a chair.
  8. Thias

    Please ID this Cannondale frame

    The `86 catalogue shows a SM700 (those with a 24" rear wheel) in that exact colour, so it might still be the original colour. The decal might have been replaced at some point. The frame itself has features that were introduced in the 88 catalogue. Like the lower cable guide that is a solid...
  9. Thias

    Things which were made of cheese. The nightmare recalled.

    - Ringle hubs - The first series of Shimano 7speed shifters that came out after the thumbies. - Basically all frames made from Easton lite aluminium tubes, like the Manitou FS... - Hagan Titanal. - The GT lts Thermoplast frames. So nice looking. But so fragile.
  10. Thias

    Rat Klein pinnacle build - Selfmade parts content!

    Not sure I am suitable for that kind of responsibility :lol: I've been on and off this project for years now, so... no. I don't think, I will abandon it. It's just that I have other projects, too. Like the scott, I am going to paint soon. With this particular project it always take a lot of...
  11. Thias

    Cockpit-Eye-View shots only. Post them here!!

    No, thanks. I'm married. :rolleyes:
  12. Thias

    When did it lose it for you.....

    E-bikes are essentially motorbikes. With the advantage that they are more silent. They are therefore not mountainbikes. At least that's what I am thinking. As much as I don't like sharing the woods with them - in places where it's getting crowded at times. I think is was the same for the hikers...
  13. Thias

    When did it lose it for you.....

    @tintin40 Why would you say that? It diversified. The kind of biking we seem to like here is making it's come back with gravelbikes (at least that is my interpretation). You can still buy a new steel or titanium frame to basically the same specs as your 80s or 90s Mountainbike. But then you can...
  14. Thias

    When did it lose it for you.....

    Got into mountainbiking when I was in 7th grade, about '90ish. It was the new cool thing coming from the USofA. The first bike magazine in Germany came out in '89. I had always been a rather flimsy kid and bad at sports as I missed the early opportunitys to join the soccer team. Or handball...
  15. Thias

    Scott Pro Racing 1993

    Wow. What a catch! If you ever decide to swap that fork for a different one, I'm interested in buying that one for my current build.
  16. Thias

    More boing for the buck! Free Scott Unitrack DH - Welding done!

    No time to do any painting, but I had some time to scratch something off the list. I want to use a set of DX triggers I recently refurbished. But I don't have any Magura shifter perches left. What I do have though is a set of SL-MC38 Shifters. Those have nice looking, solid Aluminium perches...
  17. Thias

    Who remembers when……

    I'd have to agree about them beeing clowns. They just haven't figured out how to live properly. So they write books to make sense of their own thoughts and get other people to try their theory. So they don't have to ruin their own lives. :LOL: (Disclaimer: Maybe not all of them are like that...
  18. Thias

    Who remembers when……

    @The History Man Which side is up?
  19. Thias

    Cheap builds. Show us yours.

    I have a suspicion that Scott guy was the one earning the money while somebody put the bike together. But I guess thats not the point, as I am not that somebody. It wasn't me. Not this time, anyway. 🤪 .. my head hurts. BTT: My cheapest bike, I got it for free. Gave it away for free 2 weeks later.