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  1. Thias

    More boing for the buck! Free Scott Unitrack DH - Welding done!

    New build coming up. Some nice guy at the german forums karma'd that interesting and - so it seems to me - quite rare frame into my man cave. As I am a sucker for those odd early suspension bikes I am really excited to have it. I think, this will be a rather slow build as I don't have hardly any...
  2. Thias

    Scott catalogues...

    Hi there. I am wondering. Why is there not a single Scott catalogue in the archives? I have attatched a few I have on my drive, ranging from 89 to 99. Maybe someone could add them to the archive at some point? Cheers!
  3. Thias

    Did anyone ever notice that inverse M951 derailleurs actually had a purpose?

    You can use them to tune your M900 or M73x derailleurs! :LOL: The main bolt is a direct fit. It is really nice and light. Titanium. (See picture above, XT bolz on the left, M951 to the right) The bolt for clamping the cable also fits, as do the two little adjustment screws. Even the cage might...
  4. Thias

    Rat Klein pinnacle build - Selfmade parts content!

    I've been pondering on starting this thraed for quite some time. Because it's rather troublesome for me to "speak" in english. I actually have to use my brain for it to come up with the right words. If you know what I mean. Also, my sense of humor as a guy (originally from Poland) living in...
  5. Thias

    I made a cap for my thumbies!

    Had some spare time and a very badly battered XT thumbie. The design reminds me of a Hifi-Amp-Knob... What do you guys think?
  6. Thias

    Tribute to my very first Mountainbike, a Wheeler 313

    It's been a while since I last did a build thread here on retrobike. I blame it on the language barrier... :D So. This time round I had to scratch the itch and buy back some of my childhood memorys. My first "proper" mountainbike that I bougt new around 1991. I think. Here is my only picture of...
  7. Thias

    RS Judy experts - can you help?

    I have a strong feeling this shouldn't be a problem. I switched the internals of various judys between 99 and 95 without too much hassle. The only problems I had was that the very early Judys had a smaller bore for the lower bolts in the casting. Maybe this article I wrote is of help for you...
  8. Thias

    1994 Schwinn force master frame found laying by the street!

    Hey everyone! I got myself a new bike. Or found, rather. At the side of the street. :facepalm: Somebody ripped all the parts off of it and left it. I first noticed it laying there on my way to work 2 weeks ago. Then, 2 days ago, I decided it really was abandoned and just threw it in my trunk...
  9. Thias

    Wanted: broken Hubs.

    Hi! I am on the search for broken hubs. Cracks or broken flanges welcome! I would prefer hubs that consist of multiple parts, like Hope TI, Bullseye or NukeProof. No Simano or Suntour. I want them for studying their konstruction, as I am planning to build my own hub. As I don't want to spend too...
  10. Thias

    Marinovative Decelerators - My attempt to make my own pair.

    As it seems to be fairly impossible the buy a pair of those (and for a price I am willing to pay... :facepalm: ) But they look so damn nice. I thought to myself, I'll make my own. I already souced the materials needed to build a few. But I would need some dimensions to verify what I derived...
  11. Thias

    Look what I made: A quick release from scratch.

    Hi there! I wanted to share a little project of mine, that I am quite a bit proud of. I am very interested in machining lately. I bought myself a small lathe. And now I am watching abom79, oxtools and Stefan Gotteswinter (whom I met actually in person) on youtube, lusting after their knowledge...
  12. Thias

    Rock shox 1 / RS1 service howto?

    Hey, I am currently rebuilding a very sad Klein pinnacle from 1990. It came with a RS1 fork, a sad one, also. This is the first time I have my dirty mits on one of those so I am trying to be careful. I searched the interwebs for some information about servicing them but to no avail. I managed...
  13. Thias

    King Headset 1 1/8 A-Head

    I need a headset for my current GT build. A CK would be obvious as I like them so much. :facepalm: Faded color, scratches, missing top cap - that all doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is is the price. :mrgreen: And that the bearings are fine and the set is complete (e.g. the...
  14. Thias

    Spinergy spox spoke key

    Hi everyone! I am desperately searching a set of spoke keys for my spinergy spox M1 wheelset. After 2 years of searching I eventually found a new rim for my rear wheel. But I have no tool for the spokes. I tried to order a key that is sold for wheelchairs. But the uk based shop quotes £4 for...
  15. Thias

    My little XTR hub mod...

    Hey guys! I've been fiddling with my newly aquired lathe. One of the things I had planned trying one day was to redo defective/pitted cones in those shimano hubs. I have a few M900 XTR and M73x XT hubs that share that problem of pitted cones. So to test whether or not that is possible, I...
  16. Thias

    What would you do with this poor frame (Marin frs content)

    Hi there! I recently got this frame together with a very nice critical stem (blue ano, rize and short). The seller asked about the worth of the frame (there were pics of a crack in the downtube) and a few parts in the german forums. I told the guy I would take the stem for 50 Euro and - if he...
  17. Thias

    Klein Pinnacle build coming up..

    Hey guys! I found myself another "useless" project. Its a 1992 18" Pinnacle, that came up cheap on the local ads and I could not resist... Although the frame is much too small for me, maybe it will fit one of my sons soon (TM). But I'm having so much fun building bikes, so here we go (again)...
  18. Thias

    Bikestand DIY

    Anyone ever made one? Right now I have my 12 Bikes leaned against each other in my garage. Its a mess! I need to do something about it and I would like to see some of you DIY Ideas of bike storage or stands! Fire away.
  19. Thias

    My first "actual" Klein - the Pulse is rising.

    Hey guys! Yesterday I got my first pre Trek Klein delivered to my cave :D I really did not see this one coming. I was always interested in those hardtail Kleins. Its the one of the most expensive retro mountainbike brands out there after all. But as my personal limit per bike purchase is around...
  20. Thias