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    For Sale Campagnolo 8/9/10 speed alu parts and more

    ALL PARTS ARE USED unless stated otherwise. More will follow in due time. Feel free 2 ask anytime Cinelli bars 42 c-c 25 euro Chorus 8 speed crank with extractors 172.5 mm 35 Euro Chorus 9/10 speed crank 170 mm 25 Euro Campagnolo 10 chainring set (this came from a daytona crank) BCD...
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    For Sale Campagnolo Patent chainring bolts (2)

    For sale. 2 Campagnolo - patent - chainring bolts. 12.50 euro total.
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    For Sale Colnago master Decor Piu 7 speed suntour superbe pro

    For sale. This one comes from a collection its a very very nice Colnago Master Decor Piu 7 speed Suntour Superbe Pro. Groupset suntour superbe pro Hubs dura ace 7 sp Bars/stem cinelli (logos perfect) Seat Rolls (tiny blemish) Campagnolo rims The paintwork is in one word amazingly beautifull and...
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    For Sale Velox handle bar end caps black

    For sale 2 pieces Velox handlebar end caps black Photos will be added tomorrow
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    For Sale Campagnolo Cranks + BB + Chainring + Bolts

    For sale Cranks Daytona 25 euro Chorus 8 sp 35 euro incl crank extractors Chorus 9 sp 25 euro Chainrings Daytona chainrings 15 euro set (small one / big one) Bottom bracket Chorus 35 euro 36x24 Campagnolo hidden Chainring bolts 35 euro Campagnolo Crank bolts 15 euro
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    For Sale Campagnolo Chainring bolts + campy crank extractors

    Campy chainring bolts + hidden bolt 25 euro total Set of 5 campy chainring bolts 17.50 euro total Set of 2 campy patent chainring bolts 12.50 euro total Campy crank extractor bolts set of 2 12.50 euro These are only from the upper row Flat rate shipping possible
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    For Sale Tange Levin NJS headset new the best campy record copy

    For sale this new Tange Levin NJS headset. Is this the most beautifull campy record headset imitation ... Can be shipped as flatrate when needed. 45Euro SOLD SOLD SOLD
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    Campagnolo Record 8 speed original cogset

    For sale Campagnolo 8 speed (record) cogset used 15.00 euro 14 15 16 18 20 22 24 26
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    Campagnolo quick release _ skewers front & rear

    For sale Campagnolo quick release _ skewers Campagnolo Daytona quick release - skewers set complete 25.00 euro Campagnolo Chorus quick release - skewers set complete 50.00 euro Front 5.95 euro Front 5.95 euro Front 5.95 euro Front 5.95 euro Rear 9.95 euro Rear 5.95 euro Rear...
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    Campagnolo front hubs Chorus 8 sp &Chorus NOS and Gran sport

    For sale Campagnolo front hubs When interested please PM. Bitcoin payment possible Chorus front hub used 36 H 20 euro Campy Chorus front hub NEW with Quick release 36 H 45 euro Campy Gran sport 36 H 10 euro
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    Zefal HP alu frame pump NEW_NOS max 44 / min 41

    For sale this brandnew Zefal HP framepump. Max length 44 cm Min length 41 cm Including the tophat which is still in its orignal plastic bag (see right of pic) Bitcoin payment possible When interested please PM. 25 euro
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    Campagnolo, Miche lockring rear hub, Veloce hubset 36H 9sp

    For sale, Campagnolo cassette lockrings Flatrate shipping possible just ask. When interested please PM. Bitcoin payment possible 1 miche 4.95 euro 2 campagnolo 9.95 euro 3 campagnolo 9.95 euro 4 campagnolo 9.95 euro 5 campagnolo 9.95 euro For sale: Campagnolo hubs Veloce 36 H alu...
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    Campagnolo cogs 8,9 speed and up, lockrings

    For sale used campagnolo cogs. Flat rate shipping possible as you decide. 8 speed cassette 9.95 euro All cogs are used and cost 0.50 euro, but 20 and up 1 euro a piece Several are new or near new and are 4 euro a piece Several 8 speed cogs 2 x 23 0.50 cents euro...
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    Campagnolo, TA, Vento chainrings

    For sale several campagnolo and TA/Vento chainrings. All are used. When interested please PM. 1-brev-campa-53-AS-135 17.50 euro 2-Tevano-52-144 5.00 euro 3-TA-Vento-48-9-10-sp 5.00 euro 4-Brev-Campa-52-42-135 15 euro 5-Brev-campa-c10-53-39-135 35 euro 5a-Brev-campa-c10-53-39-135 35...
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    Campagnolo Daytona crankset, Frontderr. Quick Release Skewer

    For sale. Campagnolo Daytona Non original bolts Original gears Crankset 175 mm 45 euro When needed i can sell it without the gears and bolts, but pm please Frontderr clamp model 10 euro Quick release complete and original 25 euro
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    Tommasini Retro Steel, Small Size, Chorus 9 speed.

    For sale. Tommasini with brandnew frameset. Build not ridden. Was intented as my dream bike, but (un)fortunately i found after many years my dream bike so one had to go which is the tommasini for that reason and that reason only. Full Campagnolo Chorus incl hubs. When interested please PM. Euro...
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    Campagnolo Downtube + Dropout adjusters

    For sale Downtube adjusters 2 Models. The plastic black ones The alu ones. As can be seen the alu ones are nos (at least one is). Alu 25 euro Plastic 10 euro Dropout adjusters The ones on the left side are new 12.50 1 set The ones on the right side are used. 9.95 1 set Flat rate shipping.
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    Campagnolo Cranks Chorus, Daytona

    For sale these Campagnolo Cranks Campy Chorus 8 sp 172.5 mm With original extractor bolts Nice logos 35 euro Campy chorus 9 sp 170 mm 35 Euro Campy Daytona crank 9/10 sp 175 mm Very nice logos 35 euro
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    Marchisio cassette system campagnolo

    For sale this marchisio cassette system fits campagnolo. Marchisio has its own system for those who are looking for it. Cogs are used. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 5 euro all wysiwyg Flat rate possible.
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    For Sale Pedals shimano mtb and dura ace 7401

    For sale pedals from shimano dura ace 7401 (come with original spanner) Shimano mtb pd 520 20 euro Dura ace 7401 25 euro