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    show us your gt's

    Just picked this up. 94 or 95 Tequesta. Full STX drivetrain. Has the black and blue “camo like” pain job. Needs new bullhorn grips. Gonna strip it down, clean it up, try and do a paint correction and then apply new decals and come up with a build plan.
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    Specialized Hardrock

    My 92. Before and after pic. I had the frame powder coated. Tried to keep it the original color but what I got I ended up loving more. Went with all period specific Shimano XT shifters, derailleurs, crankset, hubs. Orgin8 stem and headset, Zoom seatpost, profile design threadless quill stem...
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    Show us your Specialized

    92 Hardrock. First bike I restored/upgraded
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    1994 GT Tequesta Blacklight - XC700 + Kooka

    Love your build so far. I just picked up a 94 Tequesta. Not sure on build path yet. Currently just getting the shifters working and trying to find some new grips for the bars. Mine has the full STX drivetrain and hubs.
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    Wanted Grips GT Tequesta 1994, for the ergo handlebars

    I’m in the same boat. I need new grips also. I really don’t want to end up using bartape.
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    The MTB Introduce Yourself Here Thread V

    Hello all. New guy here from Florida! Here is a pic of the my first bike that I restored/upgraded. Its a 92 Specialized Hardrock. Got the bike for free back in early 2020. Tore the bike all the way down. Had the frame powdered coated, wanted it to be a close to original teal color but this is...