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  1. RadNomad

    Syncros, Hope, XT, SiSL2 for sale

    Hi, i’m no trader, i have some of my unused parts for sale, am i allowed to promote them? If not the mods can delete my post. Thanks for looking! Regards to all.. ... nav=SEARCH ... nav=SEARCH...
  2. RadNomad

    Golden arrow derailleur spring fail 1986

    Hi all, tension spring failed on my otherwise excellent golden arrow RD-A105 derailleur. How would you fix this? I tried the spring from a 1995 LX derailleur that i just happened to have but doesn’t fit (larger diameter and it’s made from square section wire). The RD-A105 spring is 14mm long...
  3. RadNomad

    Touring Borneo on ‘95 Cinder Cone

    Hi, just thought i’d share this. I just finished a nine day cycle tour of Borneo (East Malaysia and Brunei areas). My Malaysian friend rode a nearly new Fuji steel touring bike with Rohoff hub gears, i rode my ‘95 Cinder Cone, almost standard, a few basic conversions. We cycled 970km from Kota...
  4. RadNomad

    Cannondale SiSL2 crank arms 172.5mm

    Wanted Cannondale road or MTB crank arms, SiSL2 version, immaculate or very good condition.
  5. RadNomad

    NOS Ritchey Hubs, any good?

    These seem a good deal. Several available. Can anyone indicate their quality please? LX equivalent? XT? Or are they cheapo? ... 3298177169
  6. RadNomad

    Retrobike display for mobile devices: How?

    There is a way of getting Retrobike forums to fit nicely on the screen of mobile devices, i achieved it previously, but currently i get the whole laptop type view with tiny font and needs constant scrolling and zooming. Anyone know how to reactivate the mobile view? Other websites already work...
  7. RadNomad

    Compact road crank. Any reason why not?

    I’m considering putting a new compact (50/34 Sugino Mighty Tour) road chainset on my ‘96 LavaDome for faster road riding. Any reason why i shouldn’t / couldn’t? Sugino’s suggested BB is 110mm which is same as the LavaDome’s. The SRT400 front shifter is the multi click type so by limiting the...
  8. RadNomad

    90s MTB Touring: drop bars or bar ends?

    If setting up a rigid ‘90s MTB for a few days touring and up to max 1000km riding, would you just fit some bar ends onto the flat bar to get a variety of hand positions, or go for raised stem with road bike drop bars? Does the latter option really work well at all?
  9. RadNomad

    Your high-end, low-end match up?

    Cool kit on clunky frames, or crap parts on siblime frames.. what have you been up to? Good-as-new XTR rear mech on my Mum’s Kona Hahana.
  10. RadNomad

    7 speed XT strange shifting

    1993 era 7 speed Deore XT and i’m pretty sure the set up is as per original (ST-M095 shifter and RD-M735 derailleur). Shifting across a 7 speed cassette should take 6 ‘clicks’ of the shifter, but curiously the derailleur achieves it with only 5 clicks. The shifter has a 6th click but it seems...
  11. RadNomad

    '80s pedals with modern shoes?

    My 1986 Carlton retains it's original SR Sakae SP 250 pedals with toe clips. The rear face of the pedal cage is higher than the front. I remember back in the '80s i had a pair of Diadora shoes with a slot across the bottom into which the rear pedal cage would fit, then with the toe clip straps...
  12. RadNomad

    Modern chainrings on 6 speed bike?

    All original 1986 Carlton with 6 speed Shimano golden arrow groupset, friction shifters (see my sig). Want to fit compact chainset so i can better use the bike around hilly terrain (will keep original parts for later return to originality). I just bought a new Sugino Mighty Tour 901D compact...
  13. RadNomad

    ‘93 DX cranks with later Gripshift?

    1993 Marin Pine Mountain all original. Has DX cranks/rings coupled with early XT integrated shifters and mechs. 3x7. Shifters are past their best. I have a NOS set of Gripshift SRT600 3x7. Late ‘90s parts. I guess the rear will work fine, i’m wondering if the front shifting will work OK? Are...
  14. RadNomad

    New Altus 3x7 shifters any good?

    Hi all.. my mate has a 96 Lava Dome with knackered shifter. He just wants a no-nonsense reliable solution. Last time we fitted tidy used STX triggers but they failed, so he prefers new items this time. Anyone know if Shimano Altus SL-M310 shifters are any good? They seem a bit cheap price on...
  15. RadNomad

    Folding tyres on old clincher rims - can?

    1980s 700c alloy clincher rims. Is it OK to use modern kevlar beaded folding tyres? Must be safe to ride (cornering, braking etc). Anyone done it? Verdict? Thx!
  16. RadNomad

    Shimano IG chains real or fake?

    I need a new 7/8 speed Shimano IG chain. On ebay IG51 chains are offered from 5 pounds to over 30 pounds for one chain. The wildly fluctuating price offers and sellers who's sources are unknown and who in some cases cannot even type proper English and who's business address is a hotmail account...
  17. RadNomad

    Any Rocky Mountain experts here please?

    My research indicates that Rocky Mountain did the following: 2002 and earlier Blizzard sold as complete bike with 80mm suspension fork. 2003 and 2004 Blizzard sold as "frame only" (no complete bike). 2005 onward Blizzard sold as complete bike with 100mm suspension fork. I have not been able to...
  18. RadNomad

    Can i fit a rigid fork to this?

    An aquaintance is the original owner of this Rocky Mountain Blizzard. He wants to fit a rigid fork, something high quality. Is there anything suitable, either RockyMtn original or some other brand? Any idea what the axle to crown length should be? Would appreciate any recommendations. A bit...
  19. RadNomad

    Cycling: Big In Japan

    Been in Tokyo for a week. Here a few impressions: Bicycles are everywhere! Cars are discouraged, parking fees are exhorbitant, road discipline is good, bike theft hardly happens... cycling is huge here.
  20. RadNomad

    Racks for shopping bike conversion?

    I'm thinking to convert my Cinder Cone into a shopping bike to get the weekly groceries and general local shopping trips. Can anyone recommend any good off-the-shelf rack brands or creative home-made ideas. I guess it'll be rear rack with some kind of top-box, maybe rear panniers and/or even a...