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  1. Stylus

    Wanted Cushcore 26” inserts

    As per title, i’m looking for some 26” Cushcore tire inserts. They seem to be sold out everywhere in 26” 🥲
  2. Stylus

    Suntour XC pedals

    Pretty light Suntour XC (Pro?) pedals, rider condition, champagne coloured cages. Please see pics. The good: pedal bodies are really nice and shiny. The bearings are smooth. Light, only 303 grams! The bad: scratches on cages, signs of toeclips been mounted. Looks like 2 plastic rings are...
  3. Stylus

    Looking for Chris King R45 rear hub, silver, 32h, non disc

    Hi all, as per title, looking for a rear CK R45 rear hub. Must be silver, 32h, non disc Please PM if you have one for sale, cheers
  4. Stylus

    fs Wilderness Trail Bikes WTB New Paradigm rear hub

    Hi, nice New Paradigm rear hub from Wilderness Trail Bikes, 36h, 135mm. In excellent overall condition. Late nineties, regular body for shimano cassettes. Minor cosmetic marks on the body besides the lacemarks from the spokes.. please see pics, smooth bearings so technically in excellent order...
  5. Stylus

    Thomson seatpost 28.6 with setback

    Hi, anyone need an as new, never installed, Thomson seatpost in 28.6 x 330 with setback? Looking to get back what i bought it for, so 65 euro which is approx 57 gbp Price is excl. shipping and fees Shipping to UK/within EU is 9 euro for standard and 13 euro registered
  6. Stylus

    Salsa Flip Offs black no logo - now SOLD

    hi, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Price in euro and excluding shipping and fees. Any questions just ask. used Salsa Flip Off's, original, no logo's, titanium axles, black with some scratches, mainly the rear one. 45 euro spacing 100/135
  7. Stylus

    For Sale Thomson post 28.6 setback

    hi, ive got some leftovers. All items located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Prices in euro and excl. shipping and fees. Will ship worldwide at cost, within EU its 9 euro for standard and 13 for Registered. Any questions just ask. - Thomson Elite seatpost. Uninstalled, so pretty much new. 28.6...
  8. Stylus

    SOLD - XT thumbshifters Deore XT M730

    found some old Shimano thumbshifters, 7 speed with ghostclick, all seem to be in working order. Condition is good overall, please see pictures. Shifter perches are M732 but they look to be pretty identical to M730's. Price excluding shipping is 30 euro or best offer (paypal f&f or add 4%) Will...
  9. Stylus

    Looking for Hi-e 36 rear hub

    As per title, i’m looking for a Hi-E 36 rear hub in silver for a project. Needs to be in excellent nick. Show me what youve got. Will consider 32 holed if close to mint condition, also might need some axle spacers :facepalm:
  10. Stylus

    XTR M960 job lot - SOLD

    Anybody interested in a well used XTR M960 grouppo? I've taken this of a weight weenie Klein build last year and forgot i had it laying around. Loads of nicks, dings, scratches and signs of use but mechanically in working order. Happy to answer additional questions or send more pics. Price for...
  11. Stylus

    SOLD - SRP mech bolt - black

    Up for sale SRP break off mech bolt in black, used 12,50 euro Located in Amsterdam, price excluding shipping, paypal as gift
  12. Stylus

    Long shot: WTB Togglecam wanted

    Lets try this again, looking for the WTB Togglecam bit, i have the brake. I can trade you a genuine Rollercam plate and roller if you need. Also lots of other WTB parts available for trade. Any help much appreciated!
  13. Stylus

    For Sale NOS Suntour Superbe pedal cages genuine parts

    Price excl. shipping and fees. Item located in Amsterdam, tracked shipping within EU is 13 euro, standard is 9 euro. As per title, new old Suntour Superbe pedal cages, left and right, please see pics. Looking for 35 euro
  14. Stylus

    XTR M9000 series front mech 3x11 band type new unused

    I have a Shimano XTR front mech for sale, its left over from a recent build. Price excluding shipping and fees. Tracked shipping to most countries in Europe is 13 euro / standard 9 euro. 1. M9000 triple, side pull, low clamp. New in box, incl. spacers and instructions. 60 euro - now 50 euro -...
  15. Stylus

    WTB Powerbeam rim 36

    As per title, anyone have a WTB Powerbeam rim in silver, 36? Or a pair?
  16. Stylus

    SOLD - Chris King headset silver 1 1/8 Sotto Voce

    Located in Amsterdam, price without shipping and fees. Registerd shipping to UK / EU is 13 euro Chris King 2nut headset silver, 1 1/8 some marks from use, can't be seen once installed Bought new, had it on my bike for less than 100 miles and got replaced with more period correct no logo one...
  17. Stylus

    SOLD - Dura Ace rimbrakes 7800 set

    All items located in Amsterdam, pices excluding shipping and fees. Registered Shipping to UK/EU is 13 euro SOLD New and unused Shimano 7703 crankset, no rings. Octalink & Hollowtech 175 lenghth Looking for 100 euro SOLD for 83 euro Very tidy Shimano Dura Ace 7800 rim brakes, less than 300...
  18. Stylus

    Wanted WTB Toggle cam and 8 speed XTR freehub body

    As per title, looking for a WTB Toggle cam (just plate+bolt) to upgrade my Rollercam brake (yes, i know - needles, haystacks, etc) Also looking for a good condition XTR 8 speed titanium freehub body, i think these were introduced with the 950 series, i will consider a complete rear hub, just...
  19. Stylus

    Sold - Wilderness Trail Bikes jersey L

    For sale, used WTB jersey, selling on as i got bigger :oops: Looking for €35 excl. shipping and fees It was sold to me as XL, size tag is faded and i think it has shrunk from washing. Looks more a size L, maybe even M, please check measurements below: Armpit to armpit approx. 53 cm Armpit...
  20. Stylus

    Sold - Bullseye jockey wheels silver, new

    For sale, €55 euro excl shipping and fees New and unused Bullseye rear mech pulley wheels in opened package, little corrosion on spacers from storage, nothing a little elbow grease can’t solve