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    Rock Shox SID Worldcup 2003 in Rollin'Green

    Selling a Rock Shox Sid World Cup ( colour: Rollin'Green ) from 2003 in a very,very good shape - fork has not been used since 2007. Steerer tube in original length. Only a few marks at the lowers. No marks at crown and arch - fork has not been used in rough terrain. Ok, the decals need to be...
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    NOS Rolf Vector Pro / Stainless? Titan? hubset

    ....selling a beautiful Rolf Vector Pro hubset. Front hub is NOS, the rear hub is lighlty used but in really good condition. Stainless steel? I do not know - need to get more infos from the US.... Maybe some of you have seent this before.... Price: 250.- for offers....
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    NOS Rolf Vector Pro Hubset Black/Gold

    Guys, I have found this NOS hubset from Rolf in my workshop today...only a few marks on the front hub - the rear hub is in perfect condition. I am willing to sell and send also to the UK ( hubs have their home in Austria right now :-)). :roll: I do not want be outrageous, but I think ca...
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    Klein Quantum Pro Framset Pearl Yellow !!!! SOLD !!!!!

    Hello all, i am willing to sell this Klein QPro frameset from 1996 in Pearl Yellow - Size 59cm. Frameset is in really good condition (has not been used since 2003). Asking price 399.- Euro ( without shipping costs ). The frameset is in a very good condition - no paint crack at the fork. Only...
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    DT SWISS / HÜGI Spare parts ( pre 2011 ) also for Bontrager

    As seen on the photos I am willing to sell a looot ( more than 160 pc. ) of DT Dwiss spare parts ( DT240 and Onyx ) - all parts for DT before 2011. All parts are similar / can be used for Bontrager RaceLite and RaceXLite wheels - MTB and Road. Asking price about 220.- Euro or swap.....
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    FOR SALE: NOS Rock Shox DHO build in 1997 with original packaging inc. all spare parts like axle etc...... SERIAL NUMBER #1 !!! A collectors piece - MTB history.......
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    NOS Rock Shox MC3R rear shock 165mm

    Here we go: Selling a new (NOS) rear shock: Rock Shox MC3R incl. Rebound/LO/Floodgate -> 165mm/40mm. Never in use - so technical in perfect conditions - absolut no scratches/marks at strut. Decal show some minimal marks from storage - the shock will not be delivered with original packaging...
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    Klein QPro FS incl Aeros fork in very,very good conditon

    Heyho, For Sale - this rare Klein QPro FS incl. Aeros fork in Yellow Pearl wants to be back on the streets - may in the UK? Out from the original Klein plant in Chehalis! The frameset is in a very good condition - no paint crack at the fork. Only very tiny scratches at the top tube ( no crash...
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    NOS Bontrager RaceXLite 26" wheelset / DT Swiss 240 hubs NEW

    Hoho, Selling two pair of NOS Bontrager RaceXLite 26" wheelsets ( for cantilever brakes ) with DT Swiss 240 hubs and DT spokes. The sets are new and in perfect condition. The price is nice: 229.- Euro ( o.n.o ) Will send it to the UK naturally!! Pls feel free to ask and make me an offer! Thx...
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    White Industries Hubs in very good condition

    Hello, trying to sell a pair of White Industries hubs from the 90ies. Overhauled, in very nice conditions, bearings are also in very good condition!! o.n.o about 259.- Euro --> Picture 2. Perfect hubs for the perfect ride. Restoring a bike from the 90ies? Go for it.... Also some more spare...
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    NOS Rock Shox Judy DHO 1997 -> SERIAL NUMBER #1

    Hello all, I am willing to sell my Rock Shox Judy DHO from 1997. Serial Number #1 !! NOS !! All parts in original packaging - including original fork packaging. Photos from the packaging will follow.... o.n.o .: 859.- Euro ......any suggestions, please feel free to contact me... Thx in advance!!