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    For Sale Derailleurs, Shifters and Cassette

    Looking to have a clear out so all of this (and more to come) needs to go! Shimano 105 braze on front derailleur (FD1057) This is for an 8 speed triple, although I'm pretty sure it would work with 7 or 9 speed. £15 posted Shimano Dura Ace read derailleur (RD7700) This is a 9 Speed rear...
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    For Sale Shimano 600 Brakes, DT shifters, derailleurs (6400, 6207, 6208)

    For sale I have; Shimano 600 Tricolour brakes (BR6400) Rear derailleur (RD6400) Front derailleur (FD6400) Downtube Shifters (SL6400) - Now sold These are mostly in very good condition, the worst is the front derailleur which has a bit of surface pitting on the shifting arm. I would prefer to...
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    94mm bcd 5 arm chainring 38-40t

    Hi, I'm after a 94mm bcd 5 arm chainring that ideally will be without ramps or pins, a 38 or 40t should be about right. I'm hoping that I can find one to fit a 10 speed chain so if the teeth are wide then it may not work. Please let me know if you have anything suitable. Thanks! Joe
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    1" threadless fork that fits 28mm tyres

    I'm after a 1" threadless fork that will fit a 28mm tyre (or wider), ideally in black but let me know if you have anything that would fit. Steerer length will need to be 220mm or more. Thanks!
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    Help identifying Campagnolo hubs

    Hi all, I'm looking for help identifying some Campagnolo hubs that came on a bike I picked up recently. If anyone can give me any info on them or their value I would be very grateful! Thanks, Joe
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    V brake levers

    Looking for some decent v-brake levers, XT or XTR would work but I'll consider anything good quality. Let me know if you have anything! Thanks
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    CNC V brake levers

    After a set of V-brake levers, preferably black and ideally with a slim clamp that would allow bar tape to be wrapped over the top. Let me know what you've got :)
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    1 inch threadless road forks

    I'm after some cheap 1 inch threadless forks, not bothered on make or material as long as they are reasonably solid. Thanks, Joe
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    Green 58 bcd chainring

    After a green 58bcd chainring, not too fussed on teeth so let me know if you have anything :) Thanks, Joe
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    94bcd chainrings in green red or gold

    Hi, I'm after 94bcd middle and outer chainrings in green red or gold, middle chainring hopefully 32t, out between 38 and 42. Let me know if you have anything! Thanks, Joe
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    Rear 26inch wheel

    Hi I'm after a 26inch rear wheel for an 8speed set up using rim brakes, not bothered if it has a disc mount too though, nothing fancy required so let me know what you've got :) Thanks Joe
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    Chainring for compact crank,front der and set of crank bolts

    Hi I'm after a chainring, probably about 38t to go on the outer of a compact 5 bolt white industries crank, pretty sure its 94bcd but I may be wrong, not too bothered about it being fancy so let me know if you have anything kicking about. Secondly I need a front mech for a 28.6 seattube, top...
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    27.2 inline post, Top swing 28.6 front der, chainring

    Hi After the following bits 27.2 inline post Outer chainring for compact crank 94mmbcd I think-38t ish Front der-for a triple with friction so not fussy, something cheapish and strong. Rear Der-Going to run a few cogs on an SS hub, probably friction as well so maybe mid-cage. Paypal is good...
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    Deore thumbies, middleburn chainring PRICES REDUCED

    Hi, two items are priced without postage, Deore 6spd thumbies, friction and clicks work fine, with a 7th click, good condition-£16 Middleburn 34t 94mm bcd chainring, used but with life left-£8 sold. let me know if you want more pictures or postage prices. Thanks, Joe
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    94mm bcd 5 bolt chain ring

    Hi, After a cheap chainring around 32t/34t let me know if you have anything :) thanks Joe
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    94mm bcd 5 bolt chain ring

    Hi, After a cheap chainring around 32t/34t let me know if you have anything :) thanks Joe
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    Cheap thumbies, Rear der and uniglide cassettes

    Hi, Looking for some cheapish thumbies that can be run with friction or 5 speed indexed on 9 speed spaced cogs.. bit weird I know Also a rear dérailleur, nothing too special needed, just able to work with 5 cogs in a friction system. If anyone has any uniglide cassettes out there I'd be...
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    Uniglide Cassettes

    Hi Does anyone know how big the smallest (threaded) cog on uniglide cassettes ever came? Can I get one anywhere? It is for a modern SS hub that uses a similar threaded pattern for it's lockring. Thanks in advance! Joe