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  1. GrahamJohnWallace

    New Galvanised Spokes

    I am hoping to build some wheels using NOS hubs and rims. But to keep them original spec, I need to use galvanised spokes. Specifically; 12 gauge 254 mm ones. Does anyone know of a current supplier of galvanised spokes? Cheers, Graham
  2. GrahamJohnWallace

    Hub/Drum Brake Bikes

    The Repack rider's and the Post Office loved hub or drum brakes. The Dutch still do. They used to be popular with tandem owners and with all-weather mountain-bikers. However, nowadays they are mostly found on work-bikes and bicycle-sharing-scheme bicycles. Have you owned a bike with...
  3. GrahamJohnWallace

    F.W. Evans ATB (1984) Milton Keynes The 1984 F.W. Evans/Saracen ATB was the first US style mountain bike to be manufactured in the UK. The very first bikes were built with Reynolds' 501 All-Terrain tubing from May 1984. On the first of January the...
  4. GrahamJohnWallace

    Lockdown in Wendover 2020 - The oldest annual UK mountain bike event-video.

    Every December since 1982, cyclists have gathered at Wendover in Buckinghamshire for a day of off-road riding in the Chiltern Hills. The ride was started as a monthly event in by Geoff Apps in 1982 and December's outing soon became known as the 'Birthday Ride' because three of the riders had...
  5. GrahamJohnWallace

    Did the Victorians know more about bicycle design?

    Those who know about cycling history and design often say that nothing is completely new. However, today's marketing people like to tell us that everything is new and ground breaking. One piece of modern marketing wisdom is that a bicycle with a low bottom bracket is more stable than one with...
  6. GrahamJohnWallace

    Making Tracks Magazine 1986-88

    In the early years of UK mountain-biking it wasn't clear whether mountain biking would become popular or remain niche like rough-stuff riding. By 1986 mountain bikes were to be found in most bike shops and makers like Muddy Fox, Saracen etc were sponsoring race events. However, there were no...
  7. GrahamJohnWallace

    Geoff Apps 1981 700c Range-Rider prototype

    Back in 2013 Geoff Apps entrusted me to restore the fourth bicycle that he ever made, his 1981 Phase lll 700c Range-Rider prototype. Here are some photos of the bike as I received it back in 2013:
  8. GrahamJohnWallace

    New British Mountain Biking Documentary

    Blue Hippo Media have produced a documentary film about the history of British mountain biking. Called "Mountain Biking-The Untold British Story" it tells the story of mountain biking from a uniquely UK perspective. ‘Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story’ documents the evolution of...
  9. GrahamJohnWallace

    What is a Mountain Bike?

    What is exactly is a Mountain Bike? In his book "The Birth of Dirt" Frank J. Berto, the American writer states that a Mountain Bike should include six essential features below: 1. 26″ Tyres, at least 2″ wide. 2. Flat, roadster style bars. 3. Derailleur gearing. 4. Good brakes, using either...
  10. GrahamJohnWallace

    Poor bicycle helmet design & inadequate testing standards

    There have been serious cases of brain damage were the bicycle helmets have been hardly damaged. This article taken from a US doctors website attempts to explain the problem: Bike-Related Concussions Are on the Rise As helmet wearing has increased, so have brain injuries among cyclists...
  11. GrahamJohnWallace

    Chilterns Retro-MTB Weekend 29-31 August

    A weekend of classic retro-MTB riding in the Chiltern Hills. And on the Monday, for those who want to relive the classic mountain bike race events of the 80s and 90s the 'Summit26' retro & modern MTB sportive. Saturday 29th: Riding in the Chiltern hills led by Geoff Apps. Sunday: Chiltern...
  12. GrahamJohnWallace

    30th anniversary of the sport of UK mountain biking weekend

    The Aftermath: This event was held to mark passing of thirty years since the first mountain bike specific competition event, 'The 1984 Wendover Bash'. The 'Bash' was the first mountain bike specific event to be held in Britain and took place in Wendover woods on the 17th of June 1984. For the...
  13. GrahamJohnWallace

    The start of mountain biking in Britain 1984 picture thread

    Do you remember the early beginnings of mountain biking in Britain? Do you have some old photos taken in 1984 in your loft, or some old cycling magazines that you could scan and post here? Whilst the history of the early years of American mountain biking has been well documented, if you search...
  14. GrahamJohnWallace

    (1984-2014) 30 years of UK mountain biking.

    Thirty years ago - May 1984, the sport of mountain biking did not exist in the UK. The UK bike shops that were expecting their first delivery of mountain bikes were mostly cautious, ordering only a few in case these relatively expensive US bikes, for which there was no consumer led demand, did...
  15. GrahamJohnWallace

    Do bigger wheels climb steeper hills?

    The sales assistant at the local bike shop tells me that 29ers can climb steeper hills than bikes with smaller wheels. He says that he has ridden 29ers up steep hills and found them to be superior climbers. I however have ridden alongside people on 29ers and not noticed a discernible...
  16. GrahamJohnWallace

    Cleland Aventura no19 Frame and Bars ... 1423.l2649 Description from the Auction: In reality only the frame, forks, handlebars and probably the bottom bracket internals are original on this bike. Other components are more modern replacements including the stem, headset and wrong size 700c...
  17. GrahamJohnWallace

    Highpath Hi-Lite off-road bicycle for sale

    Highpath Hi-Lite off-road bicycle for sale. This 1986 Highpath' Hi-lite off-road bike is currently offered for sale by its original owner. This is not owned by me but is one that is owned by a guy I used to cycle with in the 1980s. Its design is based on the Geoff Apps' Cleland design and...
  18. GrahamJohnWallace

    The first production Cleland for sale!

    Geoff Apps is selling his 1982 Cleland Aventura. This was the first bike off the Cleland production line in 1982 and was originally owned to a rider who often wore a pith helmet. This was probably the first off-road bicycle manufactured in Europe? ...
  19. GrahamJohnWallace

    Rewriting Mountain Bike History?

    We all know the story of the first mountain bikes: "Joe Breeze is normally credited with introducing the first purpose-built mountain bike in 1978. Tom Ritchey then went on to make frames for a company called MountainBikes, a partnership between Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly and Tom Ritchey."...
  20. GrahamJohnWallace

    2011 Annual Cleland ride is Sunday 4th December

    The 2011 Annual Cleland ride is Sunday 4th December. Retrobikers Welcome! HISTORY These rides started in 1982 as regular monthly rides and then became yearly rides in the 1990's after Geoff moved away from thee area. They have been run every single year since, so this modest ride is probably...