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  1. mikee

    Glad to see

    Evening people glad to see the mighty retrobike is still going , not only that but thriving ( for a forum in these days ) now I’m retired I hope to have some time to access the shed of dread and share the shit ( quality items ) I have stored within with you I may even pedal a few of them too mike
  2. mikee

    10 years , 10 bloody years I tell ya

    Been on here ten years Hell yeah Mike
  3. mikee

    Do you remember summer ?

    It looked like this What did yours look like ? Mike
  4. mikee

    Titan half track

    Starting the clearouts again So here we have a Titan half track , 4130 cro-mo elevated , bought from mr K some time ago , powder coated white and ridden on the national at drumlanrig , where it was lovely Build spec Summat like this WereNOS 730 thumbies WereNOS 732 front fd WereNOS mountian...
  5. mikee

    Astar-ms racing- Marin frames price reduction

    Starting a clear out So first up 1989 ( the only year they were made ) ms racing xt comp frame ,18" ct/ct with a 22" top tube Nice condition for its age £50 plus post to your mainland adress Next up 1990 alpine stars cro mega lx frame , again nice condition for year ,and...
  6. mikee

    Maccy ' D' rant

    Dropped wifey and co off at the bus station in the weege 4:00 on Saturday morning Driving home I get the munchies , hmmm a nice cheese burger and chips would go down well Now I've never eaten owt from McDonald's for 30 years , so ill give it a go , there's one about a mile from home , perfect...
  7. mikee

    The Lord of the things ,the quest for single track nirvana

    So after a big no show from the head elf (ZZ) Lord of the dwarfs (velo) The giant king (fat gaz) And king of the fairies (dad) The 2 hobbits ,bumbo and dildo (shed & me) set off to find the trail to rule all trails ,there can be only one ,wait a minute that's highlander , anyway we did wait...
  8. mikee

    My mother

    My mother passed away on Thursday morning , "peacefully after a long illness " being the official term hence my lack of attendance of late I hope to get some enthusiasm for this again soon Mike
  9. mikee

    Let's see your steel GT's

    Go on then
  10. mikee

    just re-discovered penut butter

    oooh yum smooth and crunchy , favorite thing for this month not had it since we had kids
  11. mikee

    wireless speakers or the like

    wireless speakers ? any recomendations chaps ?
  12. mikee

    hey hey its 1992 again ,gt content

    been riding these lately both 92 and both GT's one steel ,true temper GTX one alloy 7000 series the pantera feels like a modern-ish hard tail direct ,fast, stiff, feels heavy tho in comparison to the avalanche ,tho its lighter the avalanche feels , well steel is real and all...
  13. mikee

    wheres rob atkin ?

    well where is he been a bit quiet of late
  14. mikee

    1" RS mag steerer please

    need a 1" mag 21 steerer 150 long threaded or ahead a manitou 1 in the same size would be good too mike
  15. mikee

  16. mikee

    full suss GT'S

    been messing around with these latley i think these things are fantastic , the lts/sts are so plush and fast , but after a morning out on the rts i have to say they make a tremendos woodsy bike mike
  17. mikee

    shed ,inverspace

    lol sheds out at the QUO gig in inverspace thought last weekend would have given his fill of old has beens performing badly :lol:
  18. mikee

    schwinn thing

    sweet spot schwinn not seen one for years ... 43b2a66075
  19. mikee


    so ,friday ,gets an e-mail and a meeting in me calender for , a "MISSUSE OF COMPUTER " meeting ,with my manager " i have to bring to your attention the fact that at the weekend you leave your desktop ,on" "and "says me "well your open to hackers" says mgr "for what ? someone wants some...
  20. mikee

    girvin shocks question

    i bought a set of girvins with a nolen shock in them , looks like the rear shock to me , are they different ? it seems a bit long and fouls the top link any experts care to share mike