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    saracen killer pro (titanium) moutain bike - Bristol ... 27d032893d Are these sought after?
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    1995 Barracuda A2M

    Hi, Ever since I sold my '94 Barracuda A2X a few years ago, I've seriously regretted it and so I've been on the look out to get another one. I found this '95 A2M frame last year on ebay for the princely sum of £8, and I have nearly finished it - it saw it's first bit of sunlight today. Needs...
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    What model/year are these Hope hubs please?

    Hi, Does anyone have an idea of what model these Hope hubs are, and also what year? Cheers Mark
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    What year did the Race Face XY post and SYStem stem.........

    ........ first come out? Are they suitable for a 1995 build?
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    Stolen! Bristol - Cove Stiffee 69er Rocky Mountain Altitude

    Unfortunately, my friend had his garage broken into last night and the two below bikes stolen. He lives in Oldland Common, Bristol and the thieves bent the garage door out of shape (to get it over the garage door defender) and then ripped a wall anchor out of the wall (attaching the Altitude to...
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    Wanted: 93 or 94 Yeti Arc

    I’m looking for a complete Yeti ARC, from circa 93 94. I used to own a Barracuda A2X back then and did some racing, but when I visited a friend in the USA, I saw one of these in a shop and have wanted one ever since. Now I'm reaching the grand old age of 40, the time is right to start...
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    Replacement brake lever hoods for 600ax levers?

    Hi, Does anybody know if you can get "modern" replacement brake lever hoods? I need a light blue pair for some Shimano 600ax levers (from 1984)? Cheers Mark
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    FS - pair of Shimano Ultegra (600) brake calipers

    A pair of Shimano 600 (Ultegra) BR-6400 49mm brake calipers. Logos in very good condition. Loads of life in the brakes blocks. These were purchased around 1990, ridden for a year or two, and have been gathering dust in a garage ever since. £28 posted (Paypal gift please)
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    Shimano 600 brake calipers ... :MESELX:IT
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    1986 Raleigh Road Ace - an hour to go! ... K:MEWAX:IT
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    Shimano 600 brake levers and calipers ... :MESELX:IT ... :MESELX:IT
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    For sale - Amp Research F3XC suspension forks

    Good condition - might benefit from a service though. Minor damage around top of steerer - see pics 170 mm steerer - 1 & 1/8 diameter £90 posted
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    Black Cinelli XA stem - 120mm ... :MESELX:IT
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    WTD- Shimano clamp band units for pair of Shimano STI levers

    Hi, I need a cheap pair of clamp band units for a pair of Tiagra STI levers. They're pretty modern and look like the picture attached.
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    Help needed - is this a Raleigh Road Ace?

    Hi, Over Christmas I met up with an old friend who I used to go road cycling with in the late 80s (he now lives abroad) and from the depths of his dad's garage I discovered this. It used to be my uncle's main road bike, and he sold it to my friend in the late 80s. It used to be light blue...
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    Continental Traction Pro 2.00 tyres ... :MESELX:IT
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    Flite saddle

    Shame about the condition ... :MESELX:IT
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    XT rear mech ... :MESELX:IT
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    RaceFace 32 teeth 94mm BCD chainring ... :MESELX:IT
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    Ringle Hub Skewer - "twister" ... :MESELX:IT