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    frame respray

    hi, i've got a frame i'd like to respray. I live in sheffield, so it needs to be local. Any recommendations? Rich
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    where to respray?

    Hi, I've come across some money and have decided to get my road bike resprayed, as it's in a poor state. I've looked at Bob Jackson, but i'd prefer somewhere in Sheffield if at all possible. Where can i get it restored? I don't want to lose the decals, so either they can work around them...
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    Cougar Joey McLoughlin

    Hi i my cougar joey mcloughlin for sale. I would rather not sell it but the mrs actually wants me to pay off the overdraft!!!!! FS at £300-400 it is made of columbos tubes, it is steel and has a variety of campag and shimano kit on it. For more info, it would be best to look at the...
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    24Seven DarkAngel DH bike! offers around £700

    I have a dark red 24Seven DH bike for quick sale due to ever increasing overdraft! I'm open to offers around £700. It has not been abused or raced. I am a rather timid rider and i have never taken it anywhere beside Wharnecliff (near Sheffield) and a trip down Snowdon. The bike is in...
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    a bike for my girlfriend

    hi i'm looking for a bike for my girlfriend. Preferably something in the hybrid/MTB style however anything will be considered. Would prefer it to be in a working condition. She'll prefer something newer looking or dare-say-it shiny as she's product designer. I'm open to anything up to...
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    Cougar- Joey McLoughlin

    Hi, i have a Cougar frame with Joey McLoughlin's name on it. I've read that he was a rather brilliant cyclist in his day. Anyway, i'd like to know a little bit about the frame. Who built it? What steel is it made from, how old do you think it is? How much is it worth? I haven't found very...