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  1. Augustus

    Snaps from the Bianchi Factory

    Just found these on an old hard drive from a visit to Bianchi a few years ago that I was told I wasn't allowed to photograph for my Belgian journalist, after we got there.
  2. Augustus

    Some retro bike pics from Sea Otter

    I found a few pics I snapped for road&offroad,cc at the Sea Otter Girona show a couple of years ago.
  3. Augustus

    1988 Barn find Peugeot Perthus

    Found this in a friend's barn. Too large for me, it hasn't progressed past sitting on the terrace under the pre-Pyrenees it was named after.
  4. Augustus

    Question - Which is the most famous/ respected cycle brand that no longer exists?

    In your opinion, which is the most famous/ respected cycle brand, either MTB or Road (or both), that no longer exists? A pioneering brand that burned brightly but burned out. Thanks, Gus
  5. Augustus

    Article Moots Titanium factory tour

    A modern look at an old school maker, still hand building Ti in the Rockies. There's a link below to the story on my site...
  6. Augustus

    Few more pics from Campagnolo's 80th birthday bash

    I found a few more from that do a few years ago so I thought they may be of some interest here. Some legends there that day.
  7. Augustus

    Old pics of the USE factory

    I can't find the story I wrote for Singletrack Magazine to accompany this little factory tour, but here after a surprise hard drive trawl are some of the photographs. Sadly not the pics from boxes of anodised old tat in their loft yet. G
  8. Augustus

    Eddy Merckx Jacky Ickx expo and Eddy 70 bike launch

    I wrote up a few words on the time I went to Eddy Merckx and Jacky Icx's birthday bash expo and Eddy launched a ltd edition steel bike with Campag. Link to the story here: ... d-my-name/ Few pics here that I took for Retrobike but didn't put in the...
  9. Augustus

    A factory tour of Colnago

    I have posted a story on my site that I wrote for an American Magazine after passing out on the marble floor of the master's cycling museum at the Colnago factory. If you'd like a read on me, there's a link below: ... o-colnago/ Thanks. G
  10. Augustus

    A Visit to Nalini in Italy

    I've uploaded to my site an old story I made on a visit to Nalini nearly a decade ago now. A proper old school cycle clothing manufacturer still going strong and making clothes for a few of the others as a sideline. Anyway, old school clothing production still endures... Link to the story...
  11. Augustus

    Inside the Orange factory, Halifax...

    Forgive me if I've posted this previously, i have the vague excuse my memory ability was damaged in my near fatal RTA two years ago (that and I'm old)... Here are a few pics from a visit to Orange in Halifax I made a few years ago for an American MTB magazine. Link to the story I wrote and...
  12. Augustus

    Photographs from my last Giro d'Italia

    RB family... Going through my hard drives and updating my website, I'm popping a few pics up here that i think although not retro, may just interest some here. If not, mods - please bin. These from the last Giro I photographed - 2016 i think it was. The client was Campag so there's a bias of...
  13. Augustus

    Our first RB Calendar, 12yrs ago...

    Found these photographs this morning that I made for our first Retrobike calendar back in 2008. I remember now the calendar company misprinted the dates for February so all the following months were wrong! and they were a calendar specific printers! Happy days.
  14. Augustus

    Joop Zoetemelk out for a ride

    Just getting the bike out of the boot as we all do.
  15. Augustus

    Joop Zoetemelk out for a ride

    Just getting the bike out of the boot as we all do.
  16. Augustus

    1992 Stumpjumper Comp

    I found this almost NOS in a French shop near where we live in the Pre-Pyrenees. Asking how much it was i thought he said 400 and something Euros and said no thanks. When Sarah asked because she can actually speak French, he replied 60Euros! Then couldn't believe i wanted it and turned the till...
  17. Augustus

    The nicest Flite I've seen...

    and a few other gems at the Selle Italia factory a couple of years ago... Over in the Road section: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=416452&p=3057075#p3057075 But seeing as we all use Flites here, Ithought that could go in here tbh. Thanks G
  18. Augustus

    A trip to Selle Italia's factory

    There was some prototypes and bicycle history inside these walls not to mention the nicest Flite I've seen. The Badger's perch among others'. And AlpineStars were over the road opposite too. I was so tempted to try and blag my way in there but I ran out of time. Anyway, here are a few...
  19. Augustus

    The chapel of the Madonna Del Ghisallo

    I found a few images from a trip I made to the Church/ shrine of the Madonna del Ghisallo with Sportful and Tinkoff Saxo a few years back. I remember standing next to an old lady praying in the chapel and when she stopped she turned and said to me 'that was my nephew's bike' pointing to a...
  20. Augustus

    A story i wrote after one too many Mayhems on old bikes

    Here's a feature I wrote for an American mtb magazine about our own glorious Mayhem and the journey into the heart of darkness and mud that is the longest day each year. Link to the story here: G