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    Has anyone ever used T-Cut Color Fast? Has...
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    1986 Cannondale SM600 24x24

    Inspired by this months BoTM!
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    For Sale Vintage Cannondale 24 inch wheels
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    2008 Salsa Ala Carte

    Built this bike in the summer of 2010. Purchased the frame from a shop online that was basically NOS. They said it was from a customer that bought the wrong size and exchanged frames. Still one of my favorite rides. I used it as a commuter bike for a few years. Hasn't changed it much since...
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    1986.5 Cannondale SM600

    Picked up this frame for 60$ US. The serial number indicates that it was made in 1986, but it is painted in a 1987 color. I did some research. This one came out in the second half of 1986. The ones in this color that came out in 1987 had some graphics painted on the seat tube. In the second...
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    Keeping crank bolts tight.

    I have a vintage Cannondale (1986 SM600). The bolts that hold the cranks tight come loose after hard pedaling. Any suggestions for keeping them tight? Should I install new crank bolts or maybe some lock tight? Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?