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    Wanted 40s/50s/60s style quill stem ~85mm reach 25,4 bar clamp

    This 50s / 60's Cinelli Mod 2 is close, but 95mm
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    Wanted M732 XT Thimbies

    Here you go!
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    Wanted XT M730 groupset parts.

    If you can't find shifters locally, here's a clean set. I can ship to the UK for less than $20 likely (estimate, actual cost in cart).
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    Wanted Uniglide cassette 6 or 7 speed

    What about this one?
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    Wanted De rosa 35th anniversary bike or frame wanted

    For inspiration, I just sold this one a few months back!
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    Sorted Xtr m901 28.6 front mech top pull

    Here you go!
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    For Sale McMahon MCR Power-Link Scissor Brake w/ Booster Plate: Black (Almost NOS!)

    A nearly unused (or perhaps even a take off?) example of the early 1990's McMahon Racing Components PowerLink Scissor brake, complete with the optional McMahon Racing brake booster plate. This brake is the stuff of legends. It is claimed to be the most powerful mountain bike rim brake around...
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    Wanted Wanted Campagnolo Pedal cap

    Here you go!
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    Wanted Pair of aero brake levers please. Any make /model or colour hoods NOW SORTED THANKS

    Here's some cool Campy aero levers!
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    Here's a clean one!
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    Wanted Shimano XTR FD-M953 Front Derailler 31.8 Top Pull

    If you are ok using a shim, here's a NOS 34.9!
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    Wanted!!! manitou x vert dual forks

    Hi! Are you still seeking an Xvert dual crown? I have one! Super super clean with few miles. Feel free to message here or even better email me at and we can chat!
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    Wanted WTB: Ad Hoc or Zefal Frame Pump from 1940's / 1950's

    WTB: 1950's French pump: Ad-Hoc or Zefal Course/Duralum preferred, open to other period correct options. My pump pegs on the Rene Herse are 465mm apart at the tips, so I need a pump that measures no more than 465mm FULLY compressed and likely up to ~485mm relaxed. I don't plan to use a pump...
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    Wanted Seeking: Two 1970's Racing Saddles- Unicanitor - Concor - Black or Dark Brown

    I'm seeking saddles and bar tape for a 79 masi gran criterium and a ~1974 Colnago Super. My first thought is leather covered Unicanitor or an early San Marco Concor Supercorsa, but I'm open to other period correct black saddles (Turbo, Regal, Rolls all post 1980 and too late) Whatcha got? Cash...
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    For Sale 1950's Bianchi Campione Del Mondo: 58cm - Restored! Magistroni 5-Pin 1st Universal 51-Campy-Celeste

    Rare opportunity to own a restored and fully rideable top level 1950's Bianchi racing bicycle at an attainable price, in the right shade of Celeste! This is a true piece of history, with a lot of legends attached to it. It would be a killer L'Eroica bike to draw the stares, or to take to bike...
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    For Sale MOVED To Retro ---1950's Bianchi Campione Del Mondo: 58cm - Restored! Magistroni 5-Pin 1st Universal 51-Campy-Celeste

    I went overboard on the description and posted 80+ photos, this is just a summary. Click the link here for more pics & all the details! **MANY more photos, HERE**...
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    Custom Nuovo Record Long Cage: Frank Spivey?

    Yep, that’s just a comparison to a front derailleur drill guide!