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    Trimble Inverse-4 frame (only)

    worth asking if they would sell the frame only.
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    Bullseye Cranks
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    NOS Tioga Disc Drive

    They rode great for what they were made for ... competition. 1989-1993. Just became obsolete with suspension coming up.
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    NOS Mountain Goat Escape
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    NOS Purple Kooka Levers
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    Paul 409 Front Derailleur
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    NOS Kooka Cranks
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    Yeti Fro 1993 - 17,5" - Germany

    Secret auction, that's the starting bid. I was trying to buy it years ago ...
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    Cracked Manitou FS ( Grafton, Ringle, Hyperlite, XTR )
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    Answer Manitou EFC 1 1/4 Pro Stop Disc
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    NOS Cook Bros. Racing F-Type
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    Marinovative Cheap Trick Set
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    Seven Axiom Frame Set
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    MRC McMahon Racing Cycles Frame
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    Paul Love Levers Blue
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    Salsa Pro Moto Stem Short Rise
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    Yeti DH8

    German Craigslist
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    NOS Salsa Moto P7
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    Uber Rare One #1 - 1987-90 [Craig] Cook Designs Mt. Palomar

    Another one on ebay: